Event duration: 2019-03-19 21:00 - 03-27 20:59 PDT.

The 1/2 AP Training Grounds is a great farming event and a lucrative opportunity to farm Skill Gems and Ascension Pieces along with an unfocused variety of normal ascension materials. The rewards per AP spent are wonderful and they are a great farming location while 1/2 AP is in effect.

Well, normally that would be the case.

The 1/2 AP event coincides with the Gudaguda Honnoji event. Now, Masters need to weigh their AP expenses between the two events. Since we're finally gaining access to the best nodes this week, Masters are still advised to spend the majority of their AP on the upcoming Gudaguda nodes. 

There are three exceptions on whether to farm 1/2 AP Training Ground instead of the event:

  1. Masters who have an immediate need for Ascension Pieces and Skill Gems. 
  2. Masters with plenty of apples who can freely spend their AP. 
  3. Masters who have enough Honnoji Points and no longer want anything from the shop (or get better returns from the Training Ground).

Finally, we've updated the Daily Quests page and the drop rate images on this page to account for the Free Quests in Shinjuku when it comes to efficiency.

Wednesday Berserker Training Ground

Thursday Rider Training Ground

Friday Caster Training Ground

Saturday Assassin Training Ground

Sunday Saber Training Ground

Monday Archer Training Ground

Tuesday Lancer Training Ground