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Introduction & FAQ

From 2019-01-09 20:00 - 01-16 19:59 PST another week of 1/2 AP dailies is in effect. This time concerning the Training Ground Quests. 

In general the rule of thumb for this week is as follows: Apart from a few specific materials, most monsters materials have individual better rates in Free Quests. However, by farming the Training Ground many lucrative materials can be farmed at the same time. A hunt for Hearts of the Foreign God will inevitably result in plenty of skill gems, pieces, monuments, pages, jewels, and so forth. Due to the 1/2 AP the amount of stuff you get per AP spent is pretty darn good - but only if you can use multiple different drops from the same daily. 

Furthermore, to help you plan, the upcoming (unnannounced) Moon Goddess Event will have the following monster materials in the Event Shop:

  • Hearts of the Foreign God x10
  • Claws of Chaos x20
  • Phoenix Feather x20
  • Forbidden Page x20
  • Serpent Jewel x20
  • Deadly Poisonous Needle x30

Finally, we've updated the Daily Quests page and the drop rate images on this page to account for the Free Quests in Babylonia when it comes to efficiency.

Monday Archer Training Ground

Tuesday Lancer Training Ground

Wednesday Berserker Training Ground

Thursday Rider Training Ground

Friday Caster Training Ground

Saturday Assassin Training Ground

Sunday Saber Training Ground