1~3 Star Tier List

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S+ Tier

The best of the best, these servants significantly improve your team. Not only are they the most effective at their role, but not including them puts you at a disadvantage.

S Tier

These servants are among the best at their role. They are strong in most generic teams, but perform best when their team is built around them.

A Tier

Solid servants that can perform their role reasonably well. They may have one or two weaknesses which need to be compensated for by support servants.

B Tier

Servants that are only viable with a class advantage. They may be useful in specific instances, but there are better alternatives.

C Tier

Servants with limited viability. They are inferior to other servants in their role, and are often mediocre even with a class advantage. These servants may suffer from low stats, poor skill synergy or require too much supporting to be viable.

S+ Tier Explanations
S Tier Explanations
A Tier Explanations
Title Servant Overview

Similar to Benkei, Mash and Georgios, we often see Leonidas filling the role of a low rarity tanker with the rare ability to Taunt opponent. While not as tanky and reliable as Georgios, or amazingly cost efficient and well-rounded as Mash, Leonidas fits better in a more offensive, buster oriented team thanks to his ability to buff his teammates Buster card performance as well as offering 3 Buster cards including his Noble Phantasm for easier time getting Buster Chain.

Similar to most Taunters, Leonidas's problem is terrible damage output and doesn't offer much else outside of his tanking capability and occasional Buster buff. Leonidas is also less reliable than Georgios as a staple taunter since while he has an one-turn Taunt on his first skill, his 3 turn Taunt is on his Noble Phantasm, and with only one Art cards and no way to reliably gain NP he isn't that well-suited as a prolonged taunter like Georgios. Nonetheless, his low rarity combined with his well-defined role make him a great candidate for harsher challenges. If you are looking for a Taunter to go with your Buster damage dealer like Sakata Kintoki, Heracles or Lu Bu, then Leonidas is the man for you.

Georgios is one of the best low star utility Servant in the game for tough challenges thanks to his amazing Taunt ability and general tankiness. He is quite valuable for any team that lack a mean to protect squishy damage dealers like Sakata Kintoki, Lancelot or Servants that lack survivability like Gilgamesh or Francis Drake, especially when combined with Mystic Code like the Chaldea Combat Uniform.

Outside of his tank role, Georgios is very lacking. He has poor Attack stats, no steroids whatsoever, no mean to generate Critical Stars and a mediocre Noble Phantasm. His skillset is more geared toward survivability than providing strong offensive buffs to allies or to himself. As a result, Georgios is a terrible choice for farming or for general purpose as a Rider, and one should only turn to him when in need of a true tank.

David is a solid offensive and support Archer with a well-varied kit at his disposal. With a BAAAQ card set, his NP gain is fairly good despite his mediocre base NP gain, and unlike EMIYA his NP gain from his Quick card is relatively good. With his powerful 50% defense buff and Harp of Healing’s 1 hit dodge he can protect both himself and his allies effectively on a short cooldown, while also bolstering the team’s offense with his Charisma. 

As an Archer, his weaknesses would be his awful star generation and inability to perform Buster chains with his NP, limiting his critical damage potential. In spite of this, he possesses the second highest attack stat of any 3 star servant after Lu Bu, as well as a NP with handy side effects and a strong skill set to compliment it.

Jekyll is quite possibly the strangest servant in the game, being the only one which changes class mid-battle. Though Jekyll is an Assassin with all the quirks to come with it initially, it’s best to think of him as a Berserker, as turning him into Hyde will be your ultimate goal in using him.

Hyde is quite the monster, both figuratively and literally. After his NP interlude, he gains a colossal permanent buff to his Buster cards, letting him throw about Jekyll’s otherwise mediocre attack stat to levels that make Lu Bu hide under his pillow. Adding in the fact he gains a large max HP buff and a full heal from popping off Dangerous Game, using Jekyll’s NP is like tagging him out for one of the best 3* Berserkers out there. Shame you can only use it once.

It’s worth noting Jekyll is very skill level dependent compared to some other Berserkers, meaning he may only be worth using if you can devote yourself to maxing them out, or at least leveling each to 6.

B Tier Explanations
Title Servant Overview

Euryale is a good case of one good skill that can make or break a servant. Prior to her strengthening quest that grants her Whim of the Goddess, she has a decent niche of being a good anti-male Archer with decent damage output and decent skill set. She has no particularly standout qualities that allow her to rise above other 3star Archers such as David or Robin Hood, as they both provide more utility/damage and are just better archers in general.

However, after Euryale receives her strengthening quest, the 3 turn Art buffs on Goddess Whim immensely improve her. She becomes one of the best budget Art attackers in the game thanks to easier ways to NP5, multipliers against a plethora of enemies (as many bosses are males), and can spam her NP much more frequently than before. Euryale is a fantastic choice for a long-term slot for any players wanting to build an Art Team with a strong boss fighting ability for hard content.

On a whole, Romulus is a good example of mediocrity. All of his skills sound decent standalone but together they have no coherence or synergy. His best skill Imperial Privilege is wildly inconsistent despite its amazing value. His second best skill - Septem Colles has a good effect but its duration is too short to make good use out of both of its effects. Romulus also has an extremely vanilla card layout with low hit counts and mediocre generation stats (which are Star Generation and NP Generation). To round it off, he comes with an AoE Noble Phantasm that has low damage output with an effect that is too dependent on Overcharge. Overall, there are few justifications to use Romulus over better Lancers at the same rarity such as Cu Chulainn or Proto Cu Chulainn, unless you are desperately in need of an AoE Lancer for farming purposes, a niche that Servants like Kiyohime, Darius, Tamamo Cat or Lancelot fill way better.

Aside from her cute voice and sexy design, Medusa is not a particularly powerful Servant. Compared to her other 3 star AoE Rider counterpart which is Alexander, Medusa's skills are more selfish. Individually, all her skills are good and are applicable. Her problem lies inherently in the number.

To start off, her base NP generation rate is poor, coupled with two hits count on her Quick and three on her Art make it particularly painful to reach 100% NP bar without the help of CE like Kaleidoscope or Imaginary Element. It is alleviated by her 3rd skill, but NP gen is still a big problem overall for Medusa. A combination of a Quick AoE NP with lackluster side effect, a BQQAA card deck without any Quick card performance booster, and lack of critical damage steroid despite having naturally high crit rate make her truly lackluster at dealing damage. Her poor survivability only aggravates her claim to a place in any normal team.

Thus, Medusa tends to be relegated to being a QP/Exp cards farmer because outside of being able to fire her Noble Phantasm immediately if she has Kaleidoscope, she isn't particularly good at anything else.

Alexander is fairly similar to Ushiwakamaru and Julius Caesar. All three of them are Quick-oriented Servants with decent team support capability, especially so in the case of Ushiwakamaru as she is nearly identical with Alex in terms of her generation stats, card deck and hit count. Alexander, however, does fall behind his two counterparts due to his skillset being slightly worse, with one of them being only good in a Quick-oriented team, and having an AoE Noble Phantasm, meaning while he is better at farming, his damage output, in general, pales in comparison to the other two. Even as a farming Servant he faces stiff competition from Medusa, another 3 star AoE Rider but with better burst potential on her NP thanks to Monstrous Strength and much easier time reaching 100% NP bar thanks to having an NP charge skill.

Overall, Alex is not a terrible Servant, and he will find use in teams that appreciate some form of Quick support, such as when paired with Servants like Atalante or Okita. Nonetheless, he is not someone to go out of the way for or investing in either, as there are better options available.

The famous playwright is an alright support for a Buster team due to his party-wide Buster buff and targetable NP charge after his strengthening quest, but he doesn't offer much else outside of that due to his subpar offensive capability. It is best to completely avoid using his cards for damage because he does not have such a capacity, and focus more on his two skills - Enchant and The King's Men.

He is best used in conjunction with the Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code to take advantage of the Order Change ability by either switching him out when your main Buster damage dealer is about to unleash his/her Noble Phantasm or Buster critical hits and/or need some last percentage on their NP bar. His lower cost due to being a 2 star Servant also makes him easier to slot into teams during events or challenge quests where party cost becomes a big issue and as a disposable buff bot.

Mozart is a decent support Servant that gains substantial value when used in conjunction with Chaldea Combat Uniform Mystic Code in a Crit Arts hybrid team setting once he gets his 3rd skill, but bad at pretty much everything else. He is best used as an instant art buff/crit star generator for 1 turn after he gets his strengthening quest, then switched out for another unit. He is reliant on having good teammates that can make great use of his buffs and stars since Mozart offers very little outside of that to his team due to his unsuited stats and skillset as a damage dealer. Overall he is worth raising due to his very low cost as a 1 Star unit, and his value rises when in any crit/art oriented team.

Jing Ke has a pretty solid kit, particularly after her Strengthening Quest . Decent star generation, can be a critical damage dealer herself and do notable damage with her Noble Phantasm. Her problem is that she is just decent at all those aspects with no notable strong suits to push her above other Assassins with either more specialized purpose or just straight out better at everything else. Thus Jing Ke ends up being nothing more than a placeholder Assassin that you're often forced to use for Rider bosses until you get someone like Jack the Ripper or Camilla.

While he is an interesting character lore-wise, Charles is not a great unit. One can easily encapsulate his weakness just by looking at his horrific Attack stats, which is aggravated even more by Assassin modifier and a deck with 3 Quick cards. Frankly speaking, Charles won't be doing meaningful damage unless against Rider enemies with Evil/Human attribute. As an Assassin, he is also much less proficient at generating stars compared to Servants like Cursed Arm Hassan due to his low Quick hit counts and low Presence Concealment rank. Low hit counts on Quick card also hamper his NP generation, and overall Sanson should only be used only if you want someone with a targetable Debuff cleanse skill - which is his single defining skill.

Unlike her fellow low Rarity Assassins like Kojiro, Cursed Arm Hassan or Jing Ke, Mata Hari has a clear distinct role as a heavy debuffer/charmer. Unlike Servants like Stheno or Euryale who are more specialized in charming male enemies, Mata Hari can charm everything, from homunuculus to big tough dragon, but at the cost of lower success rate and next to no offensive capability whatsoever. Mata Hari also has three hefty Defense debuffs, two of which are teamwide debuffs which can help her teammates a lot in the right setup.

Mata Hari problems, however, are quite apparent. She has terrible damage output, isn't great at generating Critical Stars despite being an Assassin, and lacks any form of reliable survivability. Her skillset also does not work alone and require particular setups and teammates to take full advantage of her skills and thus are not the go-to choice for an Assassin slot against Rider enemies.

It is not an exaggeration to say whoever designed Darius decided his skill effects by throwing a dart. There's a clear lack of focus in what his identity or his role in the team is which leads to him being a mediocre choice despite being a Berserker.

He has Guts and a small heal as a squishy Berserker with no other form of protection, and a NP generation rate boosting skill with only 1 Arts card. He lacks offensive boosting skill, his Noble Phantasm is an AoE NP with no particularly amazing effect and his star generation capability is nonexistent. His sole value comes from the fact that he can be used as a general farmer thanks to the Berserker multiplier and AoE NP, but this niche also competes with other Servants like Kiyohime, Lancelot or Tamamo Cat.

All in all, there are good reasons why Darius III is at the bottom of the food chain, and tend to be one of the most overlooked Servants of the whole roster. But at least he is a good candidate for Colgate advertisement right?

Kiyohime is, frankly, a quite vanilla Servant. Her skill set and NP are simple, and she often only finds use as a dedicated Kaleidoscope farmer thanks to her AoE Noble Phantasm and easier time to get NP level 5. Other than that, her skill set is not as good to justify a place for her in most teams since it has low synergy and relevance to her role.

Hektor’s kit, on the whole, does not apply itself to any particularly role, and packs both low points and high points. On the low points, he does not possess particularly powerful team support or selfish buff skills, and his star generation is fairly low. However, Hektor does pack arguably the best stun skill in the game, with a good chance to both stun and reduce the NP gauge of its target at skill level 10, while being the only stun skill with a base 7 turn cooldown. Furthering this, his NP is defense pierce, allowing him to inflict damage regardless of his foe’s defense buffs, which comes particularly in handy versus buff-spamming foes such as Orion or Romulus. On top of all that, he’s one of the few 3 stars to get an NP interlude at a fairly early point, allowing him to output more damage than most despite his weak skill set.

Hektor has nothing to blow you away, but his solid NP and exceptionally useful stun skill can make him a valued contribution to almost any team composition.

Fergus is somewhat of a Saber-class lovechild of Lu Bu and Hector, and it shows in his kit. With a Berserker-style card set, Fergus is what we call a Buster gorilla, with excellent base NP gain to compensate for his limited Arts and Quick card pool. His skills are all reasonably good, with defensive and offensive steroids to aid him while also supplementing his fairly strong AoE NP with two handy secondary effects, increasing both the team’s damage and odds at landing debuffs (it essentially negates Magic Resistance, which is nice).

While Fergus isn’t exceptional at anything, he provides very solid AOE damage, especially after his interlude, while having enough selfish tools to keep himself going for the team. A very solid Buster-oriented Saber for those unfortunate to not draw an Altria variant or those who are sorely prejudiced against Caesar.

Babbage is the Caster who tries his best to be a Saber. The problem is, the Caster class isn’t the Saber class, and his pitiful attack stat shows that in spades.

However, he is very solid outside of that one hiccup. With above-average NP gain for his card set, a very good 1st and 2nd skill, as well as an AoE NP with an immediate NP interlude, Babbage throws out more damage at base than some 4 stars can, even assuming he isn’t NP5. Adding in that Babbage gets a large skill upgrade later on in the game (well after the main story and final singularity has concluded), and Babbage has some decent lasting power, both in terms of the game meta and in-battle. He won’t ever throw out damage comparable to a Berserker or SSR unit, but for a Caster he’s one of the better options at providing powerful AoE damage while also being quite tanky.

Individually Cu Caster has some great skills. His problems stem from the fact that they aren’t really synergistic or give him a clear identity. Rune Magic (and Primeval Magic after strengthening) is a stellar steroid skill for critical damage dealer with an NP charge on top to boost a good cooldown. However, because Cu is a 3-Stars Caster with a mediocre attack, low-class modifier (0.9 for Caster), lack of means to absorb Critical Stars and has a BAAAQ deck, and he can’t make use of the critical damage buff component most of the time. Protection from Arrows and Disengage are great in most circumstances as Defensive skills, but keeping Cu Caster alive for long doesn’t provide great benefits compared to other Casters like Medea or Hans. Last but not least he has a mediocre AoE NP with poor Overcharge effect, low damage and lack of steroids to improve its damage output.

All in all, he lacks a clear identity other than being a “tough to kill” Caster. Cu Caster should not be the go-to choice for any team lacking a Caster but can serve decently as a placeholder until the player can get someone better.

C Tier Explanations
Title Servant Overview

Gilles Saber is actually not a boring Servant at all. He is someone that players who like to play around and try out new things would appreciate since he is quite unique in how he should be deployed. Nonetheless, it takes too much effort and support to make him work, and there are many other straightforward and better Sabers to pick from than going for Gilles, hence his low placement and poor reputation. His biggest weak points are lack of a damaging NP, a skill set that does not work well at all together and low base attack despite his supposed role as a damage dealer.

The only reason any player should use Benkei for is his Taunt. Even then, units like Saint George or Leonidas have a much better base skillset and are more suitable for the role at the same Rarity. Benkei's skillset and Noble Phantasm are truly mediocre and there is almost no justifiable reason to use him as a main unit in any team.

Boudica overall is a pretty terrible servant. Her skills are incredibly niche and her damage potential is extremely poor. Being a Rider herself, she also hogs the critical star from her teammates despite her terribly low attack and no steroid to make use of it. She is only usable when put into a Defensive Art team and even then it's because of servants like Zhuge Liang, Mash or Tamamo that make her usable, not by virtue of Boudica herself.

Mephistopheles shares many similar qualities with Gilles de Rais caster, but the biggest commonality between them is that they are both completely terrible. There is almost no redeeming quality to both of these Casters, and it is highly recommended to just stick with Caster Elizabeth - a free unit or use an AoE Berserker like Kiyohime or Darius if you need something to farm Assassin daily.

If there is anything worth mentioning about Phantom, it is that he is the worst Assassin in the game by a long shot. A combination of poor base HP/attack, low class attack multiplier, poor generation stats, lackluster and irrelevant skills, low damage AoE Noble Phantasm and, mind you, bland lore resulted in one of the most forgettable servants in the game. Unless you are purposefully trying to hinder yourself and make your FGO's experience a miserable one, then just use this guy as leveling fodder.

A first glance at Spartacus's skill set gives us the impression he's built as an AoE Berserker with good durability due to healing and guts, except that is not the case most of the time for Spartacus. His status as a 1 star unit coupled with being a Berserker make him extremely squishy and heavily reliant on guts to survive. All those heals barely do anything for Spartacus when he effectively has less than 4000 HP when being hit by anything and everything. Spartacus' only value is that he is a decent farm unit, since he can charge his NP bar and has a good damaging AoE Noble Phantasm. Outside of that, it is hard to justify using Spartacus in a serious team, unless people like to use him because of memes.

Caligula is a completely hit or miss character. When all of his buffs go off he can deal an absurd amount of damage despite being a bronze unit. However, that scenario doesn't happen that often due to his terrible bulk, his skill that is completely dependent on RNG and overall low stats. The lack of any survival tools also aggravates Caligula's problem, making him even riskier to use as without great team support and proper usage of Mystic Code he can completely die in 1 turn or offer nothing to the team in tough battles. Caligula can also be considered to have no Noble Phantasm, as it is extremely hard for him to reach 100% NP on his own, and its effects are not even worth using and have no synergy with his role. Overall, Caligula is through and through a terrible servant and is not recommendable at all unless players like him as a character

Diarmuid is a Quick-oriented Lancer, but beyond that, his kit is a bit all over the place. His main niche is the buff removal effect packed into his NP, but he lacks the tools to make it his mainstay in the way Medea, his fellow 3 star, can with his own kit. His NP gain is worse than his fellow Lancers and also worse than most of the released cast due to his base NP gain being approximately 10% lower than an average 2 hit Arts BBAAQ unit, while lacking the hit counts to compensate.
While Diarmuid is pretty durable on the whole, he doesn’t offer anything to make him worthwhile being on the field, let alone being kept alive. His damage output, even with his NP interlude, is pitiful and despite being focused on Quick cards he can’t produce them much more than an Archer like Atalante or Robin can, both of whom offer much more to their team aside from stars. On the whole, there’s one Witch of Colchis and two dogs which can do whatever you wanted out of Diarmuid much better.

At first glance, most may think Paracelsus isn't as bad as the rating suggest. His skillset seems usable, especially targetable guts is rare, and none of his skills is completely useless, so where does it go wrong ? Firstly, all of his skills have extremely high cooldown. Even when maxed, a skillset with 8-7-8 turns cooldown is extremely detrimental and the value the skills provide are also not even amazing to make up for it. Furthermore, Paracelsus offers very little offensive wise. Being a Caster with low base attack, absolutely no strong steroids and a lackluster AoE Noble Phantasm mean he hits slightly harder than a wet noodle. All in all, Paracelsus is quite a poor choice for any team's Caster class. Players are better off investing in other stronger alternatives, even amonst low Rarity Servants like Andersen or Medea.

Caster, in general, is a terrible class to have AoE NP, and Gilles is not an exception. However, lackluster NP damage is not the sole reason why he ended up at the bottom of the barrel alongside his normal eyes counterpart. He offers nothing compared to other Casters such as Medea, Hans, Shakespeare and damage-wise most AoE Berserkers are way ahead of him. The fact that he is only available through Story Summon doesn't help him either, as it only means he is significantly harder to get NP 5. To put the nail on the coffin, Caster Elizabeth is free, can get NP 5 and is infinitely better than him at basically everything. It is recommended that players skip Gilles Caster completely because it is just torturous trying to make him work.