4 Star Tier List

S Tier

These servants are among the best at their role. They are strong in most generic teams, but perform best when their team is built around them.

A Tier

Solid servants that can perform their role reasonably well. They may have one or two weaknesses which need to be compensated for by support servants.

B Tier

Servants that are only viable with a class advantage. They may be useful in specific instances, but there are better alternatives.

C Tier

Servants with limited viability. They are inferior to other servants in their role, and are often mediocre even with a class advantage. These servants may suffer from low stats, poor skill synergy or require too much supporting to be viable.

S Tier Explanations
Title Servant Overview

Saber Alter is built toward one thing, and she does it incredibly well. Her Noble Phantasm is an oddity, having a higher damage multiplier than most AOE Buster NPs even after an interlude upgrade, which combined with her high attack score and double offensive buffs allows her to produce absolutely insane sums of damage on an enemy wave, even with her Noble Phantasm only at level 1. In terms of AOE damage output in a burst, Saber Alter is not by surpassed by anyone, even SSR’s.

Though she does have such a strong claim to her name, Saber Alter doesn’t offer much outside of her damage output. Her lack of defensive skills and low HP pool can make her difficult to keep alive on more difficult quests, and single target NP’s can still out-damage hers, meaning she can often end up being redundant versus a Berserker with a single target NP and a buff to increase their damage output.

Heracles is an excellent Berserker through-and-through. He has a good mixture of defensive skills which allow him to compensate for the Berserker class’ defensive weakness, while also packing a powerful offensive buff to let him decimate his foes using his Noble Phantasm. Though he doesn’t offer much to a team beyond his high damage and durability, he doesn’t really need to – his role is to deal heavy damage to every opponent and he does that to a cinch.
Heracles doesn’t really have the mettle to be worthy of the S+ tier, however. He isn’t particularly overcentralizing to teams and a lot of other Berserkers such as Lu Bu can do his job almost as well with the same investment. Regardless, he is undoubtedly the best at what he does.

Thanks to being an almost carbon copy of her Saber counterpart, Santa Alter inherits the amazing Excalibur Morgan which stands above many AoE Noble Phantasms in the game in terms of damage output. This makes her an excellent farming tool and a potent wave clearer that can be relevant for any player's roster for a long time.

In comparison to Saber Alter, Santa Alter trades the Charisma skill for a targetable heal. Her Mana Burst is also less powerful and her raw attack stats are much smaller. As a result, Santa Alter's damage output will be noticeably less than Saber Alter with the same setup and NP level. The gap is more profound the when more buffs enter the equation, and a NP 2/NP 3 level Saber Alter can overcome Santa Alter NP 5 given sufficient amount of buffs on both. However, it can be argued that Santa Alter is a free unit, and thus she has much easier time to get NP level 5 than Saber Alter. On the other hand, Santa Alter does have an easier time collecting stars thanks to her high star absorption rate. This means she will outperform Saber Alter if there are a decent amount of Critical Stars, but Saber Alter will outperform her if both of them can consistently deal critical damage (which is plausible for Saber Alter when paired with units like Jack the Ripper or CEs like 2030).

Another good comparison is with Francis Drake, who is the premier 5 star AoE Rider. Unfortunately, Santa Alter does not stack up well here due to Drake being much more self-sufficient. Drake has better stats, can use her Noble Phantasm much more frequently thanks to instant NP charge and Golden Rule, and can generate critical stars much better thanks to Golden Wild Hunt, Pioneer of the Stars and her 6 hit Quick card. Drake also has a better support skill for the team in Voyager of the Storm being a universally powerful boost to the team damage output. It is worth noting that Santa Alter does have better one time burst than Drake due to having Mana Burst, but it is hard to justify using the cosplaying King of Knights over El Draque when the latter can do so many more things all at once.

All in all, while being slightly inferior to her edgier Saber version at max settings, Santa Alter is by no means a bad unit, especially when factoring in her availability. She is one of the best farming servants in the game and is 100% worth to farm for NP 5.

Lancer Alter is a stellar Servant. Spotting an incredible base attack, a powerful AoE Noble Phantasm, the best Mana Burst in the game, incredible burst with Blessing from the End of the World and last but not least the ever useful Charisma skill, there is a lot to love about her (aside from her incredible ... personalities of course).

Thanks to her simple but destructive skillset, Lancer Alter can fill both the farming role for the team as well as the single target damage dealer role with her sky-high critical damage. Such reliability on both ends of the spectrum makes her highly desirable and she stays relevant for a long time as a strong critical damage dealer will rarely ever go out of favor.

She does have some drawbacks, some of which include a lack of survivability tool, average NP, and star generation rate. These drawbacks can limit her in some battles and force her to rely on teammates more often than not, but are definitely not enough to outweigh the incredible firepower she brings to the table. If you are looking for a consistently powerful and useful Lancer in most circumstances, then Lancer Alter will not let you down.

A Tier Explanations
Title Servant Overview

Nero is a solid Saber with a potentially spammable AOE NP and straightforward benefits from her skills. Her HP pool, Invictus Spiritus and two heals makes her hard to kill, while Imperial Privilege’s huge self-buffs can make her a monster on the battlefield…if they hit. She is one of the best unit to be the last unit in the backline in hard challenges or a solo unit so she can abuse her Invictus Spiritus skill. But even in normal Art team she can also shines due to her skillset and AoE Art Noble Phantasm.

Marie as a Rider is a bit abnormal, being somewhat of a support / Quick-based Rider with a handy team debuff cleanse and a weak team heal on her NP, while also being able to offer a high-hit rate Charm versus males. Her main appeal, however, is the skill Beautiful Princess, allowing her to essentially gain guaranteed survival from 3 enemy hits before it fades, while also healing her for a good chunk of health over 5 turns.
Combined with the rest of her kit, this makes Marie a great reliable and consistent unit, being almost incapable of dying while occasionally outputting damage with her NP. She doesn’t do anything besides living amazingly well, but she can contribute a decent supply of stars to a team using her NP and the debuff cleanse on her NP gives her great synergy with Jeanne and Tamamo Cat.

Carmilla is the premier Assassin on release, boasting a simple but effective kit which allows her to throw out damage consistently and effectively while also creating a sum of stars for her team. By merit of this, she also is very self-sufficient, not needing allies to help charge her NP gauge, produce stars for her, and so on.

Were she in a more effective class for damage dealing then Carmilla would likely be S tier. However, she’s held back by her card set’s low damage output and class attack modifier, while also lacking any hard form of defensive skill to compensate for her low health pool.

Lancelot rounds out the SR Berserker lineup, fulfilling a role very similar to Tamamo Cat’s – you take him with a Kaleidoscope, get to the wave of your choice and blow everything away using Knight of Owner. Compared to Tamamo Cat, he’s much more self-sufficient in terms of how he produces and uses stars, while also not being crippled by a Stun debuff, but his durability is much worse. Deciding which to use is mostly down to preference since their NPs hit for almost exactly the same damage numbers.
It is not recommended to use him without at least an Imaginary Element CE available, however.

Tamamo Cat should be a frequent sight for anyone seeking to farm dailies constantly. Her high NP damage, solid durability and typical Berserker damage output are all helpful in taking out waves of high-HP enemies as quickly as possible. In more difficult fights with a single-target focus, she’s not a particularly good choice, even more so if she has no support to cleanse her NP stun and protect her from high-damage foes.

Elisabeth Caster is a welfare servant and one of the more competent AoE Casters in the game. While her numbers and skills aren't particularly impressive, she is a good unit for farming or simply for using against a horde of assassins thanks to her naturally easier time to reach NP5 on her Buster NP and an innate Mana Burst to go along with it. Outside of being strong at dealing with assassins, Liz is also a decent supporter in crit teams thanks to her ability to generate stars without attacking due to her strong Innocent Monster skill, making her a solid teammate for the likes of Francis Drake, Altera or Gilgamesh.

Elisabeth, however, suffers from some fundamental flaws. Her base attack is quite low, coupled with Caster's class 0.9x modifier on Attack and BAAAQ cards layout makes her damage output outside of her NP fall a bit short compared to designated offensive servants. Her NP generation is also not very fantastic, but she makes up for it by being able to chain Art cards easier than most. Furthermore, she lacks solid survivability options, due to her being reliant on her self-guts and mediocre heal to pull her through a tough fight.

Overall, Liz is a decent servant, and worth picking up and NP 5 throughout Halloween Servant, due to being a strong contender for AoE caster niche. Nonetheless, she is by no means a game changer or top class in her role. Play her to her strengths and she will often time get the job done well enough for what she is supposed to do.

Medea Lily is one of the few dedicated healer servants in FGO, and she’s exceptional at her job. With her skill upgrades and interludes factored in, she can provide a huge chunk of healing immediately upon swap-in with her skill set, providing 7k hp worth of healing from her NP and Poison Resistance skill combined, while also giving a single ally 14k hp worth of healing from her 3rd skill’s heal amplification effect. Adding onto this, her NP has one of the best debuff resistance buffs in the game tied into it, letting her give the whole team pseudo-immunity to buffs for 3 turns after cleansing them of any concurrent negative effects.

The flipside of this, however, is that Medea Lily has practically zero offensive capabilities. While her star generation is one of the best for the Caster class due to her high hitcounts, her attack stat is incredibly low, and she possesses no offensive buffs or a damaging NP. As such, her skills focus more on keeping the team alive, than being able to aid them in defeating enemies and beating the quest.

Nobu is a competent Archer. Her ability to crit on demand makes her a fantastic addition to any team looking for a crit stars user. In comparison to other crit Archers, Nobu has better critical damage steroid than Gilgamesh but lack his star generation, NP generation, and high base stats, while comparing to Orion she surpasses the duo in terms of consistency as a crit damage dealer, but pales in terms of survivability and boss control. What sets her apart is her ability to decimate enemies with the Divine and/or Riding trait (a trait that coincidentally most Saber Servants do possess), as well as her status of a welfare servant that grants her easier time to get NP level 5.

Nobu's main drawbacks include her mediocre generation stats, as she is reliant on Strategy as well as doing critical damage with her Art cards to quickly raise her NP bar and lacks a way to reliably generate critical stars. Her general damage output outside of crit and/or against Divine/Saber enemies is not particularly high, even with a Level 5 NP, due to her lack of good card performance/attack buffs. Furthermore, she is gimped in a tough fight by not possessing any skills that bolster her survivability and can go down surprisingly fast without protection.

Overall, Nobu is still a good servant that thrives in the right setting and has clearly defined strengths and weaknesses. She is consistent enough to be the main damage dealer of most crit teams and has enough firepower to be a staple farming Archer with her Noble Phantasm. Play her to her strengths and she will rarely let players' down.

Frankenstein, as far as AoE NP Berserkers go, is fairly average. Her main draw points are her fairly good NP gain (especially in comparison to Lancelot, her main competitor) as well as her immense damage output, even on single targets, with her damage output reaching over double Tamamo Cats on a singular unit.

Adding in her nice level of stargen on the side from her NP and her (relatively) low cooldown Stun skill and she has a lot going for her. If it weren’t for the stun drawback on Blasted Tree.

B Tier Explanations
Title Servant Overview

Siegfried is a frequently put-down unit for various reasons, but he’s not unusable by any stretch of the imagination. Though his attack stat is bad for an SR Saber, it’s compensated for by his immense HP stat and decent durability skills. Furthermore, in the current state of the game Dragons are surprisingly common, with Wyverns occupying half of Orleans, Altria and Liz showing up in both dailies and events frequently and Fafnirs often being used as boss enemies in upcoming events.

Of course, he’s significantly outclassed by most of his competing Sabers for AOE NP damage. His showings versus Dragons are impressive nonetheless, he has better NP gain than most of his class and tries his best not to die, while competitors like Saber Alter can get knocked out by a single unlucky Berserker crit.

Chevalier D’Eon has a rare and unique ability among Servants in Fate/Grand Order, and that is the ability to use a taunt and tank damage. In the game’s current state, only three other servants are capable of such a thing, and unlike D’Eon they’re all 2* servants. As a 4* Servant, Chevalier has stronger stats to take advantage of and requires less investment to reach the same level their bronze competitors would need to ascend multiple times for. However, it is worth noting that Chevalier’s taunt is locked behind their 3rd Ascension, so they won’t be able to play the tank role until then.

Despite this unique niche, Chevalier isn’t particularly good. While excellent at tanking hits, that’s literally all they can do. Their NP doesn’t deal damage, and even among non-damaging NP’s, it’s terrible. As a result, while D'eon may prevent your team from dying quickly, they basically provide nothing to progress the quest to its conclusion, nor support their allies beyond that.

As one of the two SR Archers available, EMIYA manages to barely scrape by, somehow. His abnormal card set, skill and NP combination is a bit of a shamble; however, he has a few clear advantages which allow him to be of some use. He counts among the few non-Quick based Servants in the game to have reasonable star generation, owing to his high-hit-count Extra card and NP in combination with Clairvoyance, and his card set and skills allow him to potentially spam his weak NP multiple times in succession. Compared to other servants capable of such a thing, however, the reward isn’t as large, and it takes two uses of EMIYA’s NP to match the damage Saber Alter can accomplish in just one.

Though EMIYA is placed relatively low, it’s worth bearing in mind once he gets all his skill strengthenings over a year down the line he becomes one of the best SRs in the entire game, so he may be a worthy long-term investment.

Atalante, much like her fellow SR Archers, has a strong niche with heavy setbacks. Possessing a Quick AOE NP with one of the best hit-counts in the game, she’s one of the premier Archers for star generation, while also packing a useful skill to support her allies, provided they also pack plenty of Quick cards.

However, as good as her NP is, Atalante is significantly set back by her terrible NP gain, on a similar level to Vlad’s or Lancelot’s. The NP gauge refund from her NP is still excellent. However, she has minor durability issues and is incredibly Kaleidoscope-reliant to be of use. In the future, Atalante will get a plethora of buffs to her skillset and NP which will make her far better, but her NP gain still holds her down for the most part.

Liz has a very straightforward role in a team, and that’s reliable offensive support. With two strong offensive support skills increasing her team’s damage by nearly 40% with max skill levels, she can vastly increase both her and her team’s overall damage output immensely. Her Battle Continuation skill and good magic resistance also means she’s quite resilient. Her main drawback is that her Quick cards are kind of dead weight due to their mediocre NP gain and star generation, and without all her buffs active her NP isn’t the best. Compared to higher tiered characters she doesn’t offer as much consistency or power, but she’s a solid servant in most aspects.

Martha is one of a few supportive Riders in the game, and with a specific niche which keeps her out of C tier. As mentioned earlier, Jeanne D’Arc and Tamamo Cat are both good units, but ones who suffer a heavy setback from their NP’s stun effects. Martha is the only unit with an on-demand skill button to press in order to negate that drawback, though they still can’t do Extra chains off of their NP’s.

Outside of that niche, Martha is pretty mediocre. She’s got good bulk and effective debuff immunity thanks to Protection of the Faith, but her NP doesn’t inflict enough damage or provide enough positive effects to make her good NP gain particularly effective, so she’s not particularly viable in a vacuum.

Anne Bonny/Mary Read is an interesting duo. Their strength lies in their immense one turn burst, either through their extraordinary Noble Phantasm or crit damage steroid. When the setup is right they can obliterate any boss with their firepower. However, outside of that they have nothing else to elevate themselves to a higher tier. Their star generation and NP generation are both subpar, and they are heavily reliant on crits to do damage due to lack of Buster cards. Lack of defensive steroids in combination with a high risk / high reward NP also makes them harder to use for many teams. Nonetheless, if players are looking for a solid 1 turn boss killer, then their sheer damage output still make Anne / Mary a good choice despite many of their downsides.

Nursery Rhyme is a sturdy AoE Caster with a critical damage side-niche who's generally bolstered by her strong numbers in the places that matter. With an NP which gets an interlude fairly quickly as well as some good side effects, a powerful NP charge skill, a powerful defensive skill and a powerful offensive skill, while she doesn't excel at any role in particular, she doesn't have any skills that essentially waste space like Eye for Art or Intuition.

While she can have issues charging her NP gauge as effectively as some other Casters due to her hit counts. A BAAAQ card set and Arts AOE NP vastly help in her NP gain, which is a good compensator.

Beowulf is a Berserker with pretty much only one thing on his agenda - dealing damage. Thankfully, he does that rather well, with reasonably fast access to an NP interlude to augment Grendel Buster's damage output and a skill set that just plain hits hard, with his Madness Enhancement and Berserk skill together giving him a hefty steroid to NP damage.

Beyond that, however, Beowulf is plagued with weaknesses, primarily a lack of a reliable defensive skill and the curse of Intuition bringing his entire kit down. Regardless, the highest NP damage output of any non-welfare 4* is nothing to scoff at.


C Tier Explanations
Title Servant Overview

Though she gets bonus points for being free to all players during the release campaign period, Saber Lily is frankly awful, producing inferior numbers for her durability, regular card damage output, and NP damage output when compared to her competing Sabers. She does have some level of niche, being one of the few servants in the game to have a team NP gain buff, but it’s nowhere near powerful enough to justify using her over Saber Alter, Nero or even Siegfried in most circumstances.
During Saber Wars, it was be possible to obtain a level 5 Noble Phantasm with Saber Lily without rolling the gacha, which helps her out immensely, though she will still remain outclassed due to her awful base stats and pre-interlude damage multiplier on her NP.

Stheno is a famously terrible Servant, and for good reason. Her entire kit in its current state is solely geared towards charm-locking Male enemies or killing them off with her NP, but her charm skill’s success rate is inconsistent even at level 10, and even more so if the target has Magic Resistance. Adding on to that, instant-kill effects are frankly awful for the player side, only having reasonable success rate versus non-Servant non-gold enemies or foes which are ‘supposed’ to be killed using an instant-death NP, such as the ghosts in Chevalier D’Eon’s interlude.
Outside of her anti-Male gimmick, Stheno can produce stars like any other Assassin or provide a mediocre defense debuff, but both of these roles can be done better by other servants.

Let’s get it out of the way; Fionn is a terrible Servant. His skillset does not synergize with his stats and their effects individually are just as lackluster, his generation stats are terrible, his hit counts are extremely low, his Noble Phantasm does poor damage, gives a completely unnecessary self-buff and has a mediocre overcharge effect.

Fionn does occupy a rare niche which is Art Lancer, a role that even now in Japan there aren't many options aside from him and Li Shuwen. If you want to make him works, put him into an Art-focused team that focus on maximizing his ability to spam Mac an Luin, as for an AoE Noble Phantasm, 4 hits per target can generate decent NP refund (though not by much). Another approach is to go with the Art Critical Damage Dealer route by supplying him with Critical Stars, however Li Shuwen will do this much better thanks to his natural Critical Stars Absorbtion and Critical Damage buff.

Overall, there is no particular reason to ever consider Fionn in your team when Servants like Cu Chulainn can do the Lancer job much better with less investment, and most if not all of his gold Lancer peers vastly outclass him as well.

Tier List Overview

Before you head into the Tier List explanation, keep in mind these disclaimers:

  • Servants are judged strictly on gameplay potential, so the main criteria for placement are their gameplay stats, from visible stats such as Attack, HP or skills, to more hidden stats such as Star Generation, Star Absorption, Hit Counts, NP Generation and so on. Their versatility and synergy will also be strong factors for higher placement, as Servants who can fulfill more roles or go well with more teammates will be considered better.
  • Servants will be judged at their max ascension and max level stats, as well as highest skill level. Grand Order is a lengthy game, and each servant is a potential long-term investment. The Servant therefore should be judged at their max potential setting, as often they are the mainstay in the team even until later stages of the game. The Tier List aims to help players to decide which Servant, therefore, is best at their best, and worth the time, resources and effort to raise them
  • Servants will be compared to their counterparts that fulfill similar roles. There are few niches in Grand Order, and thus many units can fulfill one or many similar roles. Thus, units will be placed accordingly depending on how they perform compared to their counterparts. Some units might be placed low but that does not mean they are bad units, they are just less optimal compared to others.
  • Servants will not be compared with unreleased ones. For example, while in the Japanese version Musashi is a better unit than Altria, since Musashi is not released she will have no bearing on Altria's placement in the list. 
  • Unlike with the SSR tier list, SR’s are relatively accessible, especially with the starter SR, launch gift SR, and welfare SR's. As a result, all SR’s will be evaluated based on their power in the current game state ignoring future strengthening quests until they arrive, as it’s unlikely one will be looking at rolling for an SR in the current game state using solely quartz to take them to the end of the game.