5 Million Downloads Campaign

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Campaign Period

1/30/2019 20:00 - 2/13/2019 19:59 PST

General Information

5M DL Commemorative Login Bonus

  • Log in for eight days in a row for the below rewards!
  • If the login streak is broken, then it starts over and it may not be possible to receive all presents depending on the timing of the broken streak.
  • Period: 1/30/2019 20:00 - 2/13/2019 19:59 PST
Day Login Rewards
Day 1 QP QP x5,000,000
Day 2 Friend Points Friend Points x50,000
Day 3 Blaze of Wisdom (All) Blaze of Wisdom (All) x5
Day 4 Hero Crystal: Sun Fou (All) Hero Crystal: Sun Fou (All) x5
Day 5 Hero Crystal: Star Fou (All) Hero Crystal: Star Fou (All) x5
Day 6 Golden Fruit Golden Fruit x5
Day 7 Mana Prism Mana Prism x50
Day 8 Summon Ticket Summon Ticket x5

1/2 AP Treasure Vault (QP Farming) Campaign

  • All Daily Treasure Vault (QP) quests will cost 1/2 the usual amount of AP during the Campaign period!
  • Period: 1/30/2019 20:00 PST - 2/6/2019 19:59 PST

2x Super & Great Success Campaign

  • Great & Super Success x2: Chances of getting a Super (double EXP acquired) or Great Success (tripe EXP acquired) when enhancing Servants or Craft Essences are doubled during the campaign.
  • Period: 1/30/2019 20:00 PST - 2/6/2019 19:59 PST

Login Streak Bonus Update

  • Starting from 1/30/2019 20:00 PST, the material distributed as the daily login streak bonus will be changed from Evil Bone Evil Bone to Void's Dust Void's Dust.

Rare Prism Shop Update

  • For those who missed the original run of the Fate/Zero event, the Royal Brand Mystic Code will be made available in the Rare Prism shop!
  • If the item has already been acquired or cleared by the account, then it will not be available and will be marked accordingly.
Item Cost Description
Rare Prism x5 Re-enables the quest Mystic Code Quest: Royal Brand which unlocks the Royal Brand Mystic Code upon completion.

New Craft Essences

Icon Name
Reality Marble 3★
Increase NP Strength by 15% (MLB 25%) if equipped by [Archer] class.
Potion of Youth 3★
Increase ATK Debuff Resist by 25% (MLB 30%).
Collection of Mysterious Masks 3★
Increase your C. Star Gather Rate by 100% (MLB 200%).
Increase your C. Star Drop Rate by 5% (MLB 10%).

Limited Servants

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo da Vinci is LIMITED, and is only available during special summoning campaigns. She will NOT be added to the general summoning pool after the campaign ends.

5M DL Summoning Campaign

Date Rate Up Servant Rate Up CE
1/30/2019 20:00 - 2/6/2019 19:59 PST