5 Star Tier List

5 Star Tier List Graphic
5 Star Tier List
S+ Tier

The best of the best, and your team significantly improves from merely having them present. Not only are they at the top of their role, but often not using them when available is a disadvantage.

S Tier

Among the best at their role, strong in most generic teams that become even better with team built around them.

A Tier

Solid servants that can perform their role reasonably well. They may have one or two weaknesses which need to be compensated for with proper supports.

B Tier

Decent Servants that can do just enough against enemies that they have class advantages against. Outclassed by a fair few, but can shine through in some scenarios.

S+ Tier Explanations
Servant Explanation

Zhuge Liang is outright the best unit in the game at the moment. The sheer utility and firepower that he brings to any team is invaluable. With buffs consisting of a 30% crit booster and 30% NP charge for a single target, a 30% defense booster with 10% NP charge, and a 30% attack booster with 10% NP charge (both of the last which are team-wide buffs) Zhuge Liang's importance is unparalleled. That is, until Merlin shows up.

S Tier Explanations
Servant Explanation

Gilgamesh is a strong independent servant with high damage output and generally good stats across the board. He has no distinct weakness and his NP modifier against Servants makes him immensely valuable for any event as Servants account for a lot of fights in the game. Thanks to his simple but powerful skillset, he can go with most common teams and perform well, but he shines the most in team that can supply him with a lot of Crit Stars, Crit Damage buffs and NP generation.

The main reasons he isn't at Zhuge's tier is due to him falling off a bit when not fighting Servants, and without dedicated stars generator either through his own or through another units, his damage output become unstable. He also does not fit well into Stall teams or Art offensive teams.

A Tier Explanations
Servant Explanation

Altera's base skill set is quite vanilla, and she is the literal definition of a stats stick. She has high base attack and can deal a lot of damage through her Star Emblem skills and 3 Buster cards including her NP. Altera's main problem for not placing higher is that she has no particular niche that she completely excels over other, and while she fits in most generic team composition, she does not go well in a specific purpose team such as Defensive or Offensive Art team, or full on Crit team.

Nonetheless, the perk of being a stat stick is that she is useful in most situation, as she can whack things hard with her rainbow whip, and her NP is good for general farming purpose. She is a good all-rounder servant to have that players can bring to most places that do not have Archers and perform decently well as a damage dealer.

Jeanne is a purely supportive tank with a strong utility NP and is built for hard fights. Her low damage and terrible base skills make her undesirable for farming or serving as a damage dealer, and she mainly is suited for Art teams. She is easy to ascend, and can carry a lot of content when players' team are still weak, but later on her usefulness diminish immensely, and she is mostly used as a safety net for boss fights or a tank for stall team. Nonetheless, despite her grindy style of play, she is still a decent unit to start with.

Orion is a good Archer with strong single target Noble Phantasm. She mainly goes well with any Art team that can facilitate her Noble Phantasm usage, and is quite strong for hard content thanks to a combination of Defense buff, Crit debuff, Dodge, Noble Phantasm Spammability within Art team and a 100% NP bar drain on her NP after her Interlude. Orion can also function well as a crit damage dealer, as she has 2 crit damage increase steroids and naturally higher Star Absorbtion Rate than most other classes, although she is not close to Gilgamesh's level as a crit damage dealer.

Vlad III is a good damage dealer that shines best in an offensive Art team where he can keep using his Art cards and fire off his NP within a short timeframe. He has a balanced cardlayout in BBAAQ, making him a good vanilla attacker in a generic teamcomp. His damage output is very good due to being a Berserker, and despite it causing the servant to take more damage, Vlad's survivability is decent.

His main problem is his extremely terrible NP generation. Outside of Vampirism, it is atrocious and players are stuck generating his NP for a long time before it can be fired. Without proper support or CE, it is not rare to see Vlad unable to fire off his NP, or at most can only fire it once per match. While he is quite bulky for a Berserker, he is still very frail compared to other servants. There are many cases in which he dies before dealing meaningful damage.

B Tier Explanations
Servant Explanation

Artoria is worse than Altera in most aspects aside from her NP. Thanks to Mana Burst and early access to her NP up Interlude, she can deal immensly AoE damage when both her NP and the skill are up. However, outside of her NP Artoria perform strictly worse than Altera due to her low attack and generic skillset. Thus her main role in most team is relegated to being a waveclearer or daily farmer.

Tier List Overview

Before you heading into the Tier List's explanation, keep in mind the following disclaimers:

  • Servants are judged strictly on gameplay potential, so the main criteria for placement is their gameplay stats, from visible ones such as Attack, HP or skills, to more hidden stats such as Star Generation, Star Absorption, Hit Counts, NP Generation and so on. Their versatility and synergy will also be strong factors for higher placement, as Servants who can fulfill more roles or go well with more teammates will be considered better.
  • Servants will be judged at their max ascension and max level stats, as well as highest skill level. Grand Order is a lengthy game with quite a low SSR rate, meaning each servant is a potential long-term investment. Units should therefore be judged at their max potential setting, as often times they are the mainstay in the team even until later stages of the game. Therefore, the Tier List aims to help players decide which units are the best at their full potential, as well those who are worth the time, resources and effort to raise them.
  • Servants will be compared to their counterparts that fulfill similar roles. There are few niches in Grand Order, and thus many Servants can fulfill one or many similar roles. As consequence, Servants will be placed accordingly depending on how they perform when compared to their counterparts. Some Servants might be placed low, but that does not mean they are bad Servants: They are simply less optimal compared to Servantswithin that role. 
  • Servants will not be compared with unreleased ones. For example, while FGO Japan's Musashi is a better unit than Altria, the fact that she isn't out in FGO NA means she will have no bearing on Altria's placement in the list. 
  • However, Servants' Interludes and Strengthening Quests that are unreleased are taken into account to evaluate their max potential.