Alright, so i just bought all of the EXP cards from the summer part 2 shop. But what should i do with it? Should i :

1 . Keep it so i can ascend Chloe/Kuro faster, or
2. Use it to…

Asked by Halvaron
2 hours 38 minutes ago

I already cleared the Okeanos singularity and London has already been unlocked, but my map stops at the archipelago unlike bountiful sea (Secret Route) where I can farm Seed of Yggdrasil. How can…

Asked by melly
2 hours 44 minutes ago

I think my team is no good. Im trying to figure out a better team comp rather than hans-lancelot typical duo

Asked by Fhik
3 hours 20 minutes ago

I'm done with camelot and preparing my servant for the next event. But I dont feel this is a good team composition because I let my support carry me for the entire camelot and I'm not…

Asked by dexalter
6 hours 22 minutes ago

When you got a worst(?) servant (maybe like Stheno, Fionn etc.) and you already have a better servant in that class, what will you do with those servant? Will you burn or save them until some…

Asked by lapucelle223
7 hours 29 minutes ago

I've looked at the future archer units based on jp servants, and the only 5 star to catch my eye is Ishtar. However, I only really looked because archer Altria interested me. I'm having a hard…

Asked by Roxambas
8 hours 31 minutes ago

I am new to the game and my first event was this summer one. I saw in the web that some events will be rerun. which is a great opportunity for me in the events that I missed. But I also heard that…

Asked by melly
8 hours 31 minutes ago

Hi, I am player in both Jp and NA server. I play in NA first since last January and less than 2 months in Jp. Actually, I more active in NA than Jp. My servant collection in Jp is quite weak and I…

Asked by haruna_minami
9 hours 45 minutes ago

Hello, im new player in this game, and im really need waver 10/10/10 support for my servant, is there anyone can share their friend id please...

Asked by Budiwoman
17 hours ago

Can someone tell me where can I find low AP cost evil servants? I want to clear the weekly missions as soon as possible. Thanks!

Asked by Mabo
17 hours 13 minutes ago

Not a question but a reminder, delete project 12 (should be airport, warp drive, or rocket) and redo it by building the other options. You can get an extra 2 lores, I was dumb and forgot to do it…

Asked by Mstr0fDsastr
18 hours 11 minutes ago

How high does this really need to be leveled? I'm F2P and my team is usually Mash, Saberlot, and Hans. He already pulls most of the stars at level 1. So does it need to be maxed or can I use my…

Asked by WilhemScream
18 hours 14 minutes ago

Summer ends on the 14th and Grandwiki has Nerofest starting on the 26th. If Prisma Causeway is the next upcoming event does that mean it'll be between those dates or will it push back the schedule…

Asked by Brandon2
21 hours 33 minutes ago

What are the odds of getting this from a drop? Also did anyone know it was possible to get this from a drop? Won't complain but it caught me completely of guard

Asked by StabKingPro
21 hours 41 minutes ago