Hello everyone,

I don't know if I am just imagining this, but I am pretty sure that the simulated gacha on this site hasn't actually been updated to reflect the proper pool of servants and…

1 hour 7 minutes ago

I've been trying to summon him but i cant get him so im wondering if either he's not on the summoning pool or my luck is bad

1 hour 15 minutes ago

so cuz i will be busy starting tomorrow i have been rushing through fate accel zero event and finished all 18 ACT and got Iri but ACT EX didn't show up,then i finished all EX free quest but still…

Asked by Osz
5 hours 55 minutes ago

I've been wanting a Child Gilgamesh for really long now, and i've heard that he's rollable in the FP gacha. Is this true? I've yet to see him in the fp simulator.

Where else can i get him…

Asked by kaz
14 hours 47 minutes ago

I've been working on a team after pulling some of my favorite servants. To start, I put Jalter and Nightingale in front, along with a support that has a class advantage against whatever I'm…

Asked by TealDuck
1 day 20 hours ago

So I recently took a great liking to Karna and wanted to pull for him the next time he comes around.

Do any of you know when he has his next rate up?

Asked by Unit Londa
2 days ago

Well, I got gilgamesh as my main damage dealer got an NP2 rider(the queen) so when 2 of my servant dies she pops out when gil isn't dead yet. The thing is, she's stealing what's supposedly gil's…

Asked by Illu
2 days ago

Title. I know to save for Merlin, as he is our lord, savior, and troll overlord and as a f2p player, I want to stockpile better than the measly 90 quartz I saved for Jalter (which worked out, but…

2 days 19 hours ago

I Just began this game and i wasnt able to get gilgamesh or waver from previous drop event right now there is only iskandar that have High chance of drop should i wait for drop event or should i…

Asked by Lycnus
2 days 22 hours ago

I just started playing a week ago and I was about to stop playing because I felt hopeless after trying so hard to get Jalter but failed to pull that bateurd and then when I was about to lose hope…

Asked by Illu
3 days 3 hours ago

How much exactly FP we need to get angra mainyu ? And do anybody here already get him ?? How much FP ?

Asked by lala22
3 days ago

What are they for?

Asked by JoeShogun
3 days ago

During hunting quests (at least in first two) spriggans just stay still and attack only with their NP attack when it's ready
It just my game or everyone has like this?

Asked by Ritsuka
4 days 16 hours ago

Hello, Im new player and Im corious, can I get banned for playing US version from Europe?

Asked by ArchLL
5 days 1 hour ago