so i got spooked by Fionn should i burn him and beowulf for the anniversary blonde

Asked by want_jalter
1 hour ago

So is kaleidoscope secretly on rateup on the Jalter Banner? For some reason I got 3 copies already and MLBd that Craft Essence. Not that I have much use of it aside from my Max Bonded Kiyohime on…

Asked by _Avicebron_
1 hour ago

So on my free daily ticket I managed to summoned jalter which i guess is the game's way of paying me back for 500quartz on nero banner for just og nero LUL. As excited as I am now, pulling her…

Asked by Nitro306
2 hours 10 minutes ago

On which servant do you think i should use this ce? I was planning to use in on Martha (ruler) since i got Jalter a couple of days ago and i use it on her. Do you have any better idea?

Asked by ZerefDragneel
10 hours 57 minutes ago

Okay, recently I just spent all my quartz (f2p) on the jalter banner and now I only have 2 quartz.(lol) Anyway, I wanted to ask how many quartz will I have till caster gil's banner? (Just curious…

Asked by Kuro_Kitsune
13 hours ago

Aside from the obligatory "Merlin," which servants should I be saving my quartz for? My lineup is (level/skill)

Sabers: Rama (1, 1/1/1)

Archers: Summer Altria (90, 10/4/5), Chloe (90…

Asked by Godspeed
14 hours 43 minutes ago

I got jalter on my free summon ticket today.

Asked by MasterAnt
16 hours 4 minutes ago

So I got Medb on the last lucky bag and have ascended her twice now, but with anniversary blonde out on rare mana prism I'm wondering if it'll be worth it to burn her? I've got Heracles,…

Asked by Diddly
16 hours ago

My team is as follow : (Level, Skill)

Saber : Modred (90, 8/4/7), Artoria (8/6/6), Artoria Alter (80, 6/4/4), Rama NP3 (54, 8/5/-), Gawain (50, 4/1/-), D'eon (50, 3/3/-), Artoria Lily (50,…

Asked by dot
20 hours 33 minutes ago

My team combination was Summer BB + Summer Jalter + Sigurd in my front line , with Euryale + EMIYA + Mashu in my backline. The best I could do was get him to <50% HP in his last HP but his…

Asked by wei321
21 hours 20 minutes ago

Some days ago I asked about rolling for Jalter or waiting for Merlin. After some advices I decided to save for Grand Caster but to use my tickets... I got Waver on Friday And next day I got…

Asked by enzoramirez
23 hours 21 minutes ago

I just got her to 4th ascencion and 3rd bond level and its still not even in the rank up quest list what the actual fuck
normally it says " unlocks at 4th ascension" in the list which wasnt…

1 day ago

Just let go of 4 friends who may have quit entirely, 2 months is a long time whoever they are it was fun. I'm open to add newbees and experienced players alike. If you want you guys can add me,…

Asked by xAhoyx
1 day ago

Is it better to farm mats or levels?

Asked by uranus
1 day ago

Hey all. Just looking for some advice on who I should set in my friend support roles. Want to offer the best help I can with what I’ve got. These are who I think are my best options. All are max…

Asked by capize01
1 day 6 hours ago