Does anyone have a NP5 Euryale with sumo? If so can I borrow? You can unfriend me after the event.. I really need to get 200m DP

Asked by Pudding
5 hours ago

Well, i allready started to invest in Mama (grailed to 96, aim to 100) and now thinking about her teammates. Obvious, crit generator and support. With support i have 0 problems, Waver for the win…

Asked by SoulOfCanaaN
5 hours 27 minutes ago

I have yet to grail any of my servants, and am just now getting to the point where I have a few at cap and fully ascended. What would be the best use of my grails? Should I focus on getting a…

Asked by OmicronZero
7 hours 6 minutes ago

I recently have some financial problems and my lowly job can't make up for it, now I'm broke and need to earn extra or I'll be homeless within a month..
It really hurts to let go of my…

Asked by Kamiana3
7 hours 22 minutes ago

I was looking at the possible events for the year and I had a question about reruns. Lets take holloween for example, would the holloween event from last year run at the same time as the one from…

Asked by CrossarmX
9 hours 21 minutes ago

I know that’s a tall order, but farming these wicker baskets is killing me. If you have it, kindly send me a friend request at 342,974,386, and in exchange I’ll generate you all the friend points…

Asked by Valois
15 hours ago

So I managed to get Kintoki Rider to NP4 and all of his ascension materials for the event and originally I was going to plan on just skipping Ozy until the next Camelot banner (the one with dreamy…

Asked by Noot
18 hours 28 minutes ago

I know too early to ask this, but I'm curious... does Siegfried can inflict great damage on Lion King? because she is Lancer and has Dragon traits...
Mine was at lv.80 with max Fou...

Asked by lapucelle223
22 hours 28 minutes ago


Do you know which quest has high chance to give Claw of Chaos?


Asked by cihs
1 day 1 hour ago

Do CEs that say "gain x C.stars for yourself" mean that the critical stars only go to the character with the CE equipped, or will it distribute between the other servants normally.

Asked by two135
1 day 7 hours ago

Does something that improves card effectiveness, say by 25%, increase all aspects by 25% each or is 25% the total amount of the increases made to that kind of command card. In other words, does a…

Asked by two135
1 day 7 hours ago

Literally over 100 free quartz 10 summon tickets and then 80 more dollars of quartz and no Raikou life friggin sucks I hate everything.

Asked by Nooeeepeeeee
1 day 7 hours ago

Basically, the title.

Asked by LordBeoulf
1 day 8 hours ago

Heyy there~ Good day to you all. So I'm looking to trade my account with similar account, I quite open with any SSR but my favourite are Amakusa Shirou, Edmond Dantes, Brynhild, Jeanne. But like I…

Asked by blueshy
1 day 10 hours ago

I got him in the 3M campaign and leveled him up to 80 with max fous. However I feel like he doesn't deal a lot of damage and dies instantly. Do I need a specific setup to make him powerful or am I…

Asked by Mabo
1 day 13 hours ago