I blew up all my saint quartz and summon ticket just to summon her but I failed miserably. When will she be available again? About how many months or years?

Asked by Rurutie
16 minutes 36 seconds ago

There are 2 servants that I would like to have in the events that will come, one is Shiki Saber and the other is Minamoto no Yorimitsu, I currently have only 80 quartz and it may reach 100+ before…

14 hours 13 minutes ago

i already had 1 mona lisa and currently at 200 MP. Should i all in with my 50 apples to get 4 others?

22 hours 21 minutes ago

Is it worth to invest on Hans even if you already have Waver?
If yes, How do they work exactly?
Do you usually use Hans as backup support if Waver dies in the front row?

Asked by Ratutz
23 hours 57 minutes ago

I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but... well, title says it all. I'm a F2P that just got this guy for my first 5* servant after like two months of playing this game, and given how low getting…

Asked by Larverto
1 day 2 hours ago

Hi I'm new in this game, I have a lot of doubts but I was reading the question sections to answer some of them but i hope you can help me with the followings:
Mi forced summoned was Tamao…

Asked by toonmilo
1 day 19 hours ago

I'm trying to make a team around Alter Altria.
Actually my team is:

Altria Pendragon (Alter) + The Imaginary Element
William Shakespeare + 500-Year Obsession

Asked by Seiran
2 days 15 hours ago

I know this a little random, but is there a reason as to why servants in individual tiers on the list have a weird setup? Like having 3 in the top row, 1 in the middle row, and 2 on the the bottom…

Asked by 1337akira
2 days ago

Ok.. Me have huge dilema i know in valentine both of them (usefull to me) have rate up(with nerobride) Ihave atlia scathach and tesla. Who should i try get 1st? Should i get tamamo (waifu) for…

Asked by Iusteus
5 days 4 hours ago

i am new to the game (have been playing for a week) and i'm not sure if should go (yolo)summon or save SQ for a possible future event .
I currently have 60 SQ and my 4stars are :

Asked by D3v1ne
5 days ago

is she good for later game ? in NA i dun have much caster at this moment ?, or should i wait for more casters to be released ?

Asked by N00bMaster
1 week ago

I've been grinding on comet rather than doing Galaxy in hopes of getting a few more horseshoes so I can finish ascending Altera. So far I've seen two out of it already, so it seems like a way…

Asked by Silverstriser
1 week 1 day ago

Hi, I haven't really been playing FGO at all until maybe a few days ago. I started the Saber Wars event at around level 15 I think and I've just practically been grinding on the Planet free quest…

Asked by sy5841414
1 week 1 day ago

I'm now at 1mil Altrium but I got only 1 Purely Bloom and no Aturia Star from drops.where do you guys get the best drop rate for those ?.i need at least 2 Limit broken Purely Bloom to finish that…

Asked by SaveForJalter
1 week 3 days ago