About Buffs, Buster Chain and Scarab Mat

So yeah i've been playing this game by just brute forcing( haven't started camelot) my way thru for quite awhile now.
1. Im just wondering on HOW buffs stack like is it better to have different type of buffs(np dmg+,atk+,buster+) or its still the same if you just stack like 3 charisma for atk+.

2. Does buster bravechain affect NPs?

3. for scarab mats is there gonna be an event where we can farm this close by or farm that from story? I totally need it for Da vinci >.>

Sorry for bad english and many questions at once Orz

Asked by cyrlee5 months ago


1. Other players correct me if I'm wrong. If I remember correctly charisma buffs just add together for example one servant used charisma, and another one used another the percentage would just get added, so it's better to have different buffs as they stack multiplicatively meaning if you raise your attack and then raise buster effectiveness then it would multiply the damage of the buster card. Just heard this from a friend so not so sure...
2. Yep every card in the chain as long as it's in the chain it would get affected so I always try to do a buster chain when using NP and couldnt brave chain
3. Farmable, but in Camelot think it drops from the sphinxes? Got 10 of them just playing. And in the upcoming summer event it could be bought in the first parts shop...


I see thank you very much for answering now most of my questions on how buff works finally got cleared,i can buy them at summer shops? Yay im totally not doing camelot cuz im waiting for a half off ap first before doing the story


First off flat attack bonuses work off your servant attack
So 10% attack buff added to 5000 servant attack = 5500 damage
Then you get another say 10% from a charisma buff works additively only using the base
So basically make it 20% of 5000 = 6000 damage dealt

But if you have a 10% buster/arts/quick performance CE it works multiplicatively so 5500 dmg x 10% comes out to 550 bonus damage so you deal more coming out to 6050 damage

2. Positioning of NP(whether first or last in the chain) does not affect NP damage. Neither does the buster bonus or BB brave chain. Only if you have another NP quened up in front of it do you get an additional charge of 100% to the 2nd one in the chain(,it must be consecutive NP used in a turn) (not 1st card NP, 2nd Card is normal, and third NP again).

3. I do believe we can get some from the coming summer event 10 scarabs to be exact for your da Vinci

Happy Farming in Fate Grind Order
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Hrm so for the 2nd question that means the correct way to do the Chain is NpBB right? Cause np wont benefit from the buster bonus. Anyqay thanks for answering it!


1. Yes, different buffs stack multiplicatively while buffs of the same type stack additively.
2. Yes, Card chain bonuses affect NP. More specifically, an individual cards damage (NP or otherwise) in a Buster chain is increased by 20% times the unit's base attack.
3. For Scarabs, there would be 10 available in shop from Summer part 1 and 10 from Prillya event. The rate is quite low on free quests so if you don't need it pronto, you could wait for said events.


I would like to correct the answers of the second question.
Buster chains do not affect the damage (and damage only) of a Buster NP. Thus when performing a Brave Buster chain with an NP it is advisable that the NP card goes first so the following cards will get the bonus.
NPs are also not affected by the order they were placed (Buster NP does not get the 210% damage bonus), their performance will always be as if they were the first card.
With NPs that are not Buster, performing a chain still merits the player its bonuses (NP(Art)AA grants 20% NP charge to Servants in the chain, NP(Quick)QQ grants 10 critical stars), but does not affect the performance of the NP card itself.

The above mechanics are precisely the reason why you would want an NPQQ for Sakata Kintoki (Rider).
His NP activates a Quick boost before damaging, so his NP card should go first. The following Quick cards will also gain the effects of the NP, so performing a Brave Quick Chain would ensure that the enemy would be spewing a galaxy of stars, on top of the +10 star bonus of a Quick chain.

Sorry for the wall of text, and may the gacha be ever in your favor.


I see i was getting confused at the difference of the answers thank you for clearing them up! Now i finally understood how it works thank you very much for answering and dont mind the wall of text its a very useful information :D


Umm, no...
Doing a Buster chains (we don't necessarily need to do a brave chain) gives a flat damage boost to all Buster cards part of that chain NPs included. The card position bonus does not apply to NPs, yes, but all cards in the chain also get a pseudo-damage plus effect which is equal to 0.2 of the servant's base attack. This bonus damage is applied at the end of damage calculation similar to Divinity and a part of Waver's atk buff.

Edit: It is honestly not that much (probably around 2k additional damage for servants with 13k attack) but it is a damage increase nonetheless.


I'm guessing you haven't read both of these guides yet:

With both of these guides, my point still stands.