Achuria or Chloe

Hey there,

As a f2p player, playing for 3 months with no SSR, I was wondering if it was worth trying to get Archuria while Chloe will probably be coming up next!

Thanks in advance for any advice,

Asked by Azaerys5 months ago


Chloe is pretty solid if you ask me and also it's free, while arthuria archer is not guaranteed. In my opinion better save quarts for chance to get Merlin becouse not also he will be great support for your F2P servants but he can give you some nice amount of friend points after you spend your time and effort on him. Chloe should be able to carry you for a while.


Would you rather have shit waifus or jail time? Jk but if youre f2p like me, Chloe is the better option mostly because you can np 5 her easier than Squirtoria. Also, I recommend listening to Quartz Sign before you summon anything. Gets rid of the bad luck and replaces it with salty hopes for SSRs