Amakusa vs Dantes

I don't know who to pick to spend my quartz on. Should i spend my quartz on Amakusa's campaign or should i spend it for Dantes's campaign?
Should i get the Avenger or the Ruler? Please help.

Asked by Roshi-JOAT9 months 3 weeks ago


Personal preference. Dantes has decent damage and is great for quick teams, the down side is quick teams. Amakusa's np strips buffs before doing dmg, the only problem is it's so weak it can't clear a wave of gold xp hands, even after it gets a buff down the line.

Edit: Quick team joke aside, Dantes is better imo


Depending on how much Saint Quartz you have, you may want to wait for Jeanne Alter. Her event should be about a month after Dantes, and they say she is much better.