Is anyone else going to become a whale?

So much question is, is anyone going to whale for Merlin. Up until this point I have been f2p minus the last paid gacha. I'm pretty confident that I'm going to jump into the ocean and become a Whale when Merlin comes out.

Asked by asup222 months ago


Not just you mate, other people gonna break their F2P status just to get him. Hope you get lucky and Merlin come to your Chaldea later.
Also don't whale too much if you really want him so bad, consider we still have a bit of humanity in ourself.

My team comps mainly use Art servant, so i'm not gonna roll for Merlin.
Gilgamesh Caster is the only supp i wanted to complete my Art team. I'm F2P and getting Gil Caster seems easier, there are also Enkidu there so it's a win-win for me.

Another topic here : i'm gonna predict when Merlin banners come Aniplex and DW will bath in the sea of money. Well so much people have been saving their cash and tons of Quartz to get him.

Also the biggest FGO NA income in history.


So Merlin will surpass Jalter then? I remember that when Jalter came first, a huge influx of income has been received by DW.

That said, remember that Merlin's NP level will only affect healing. NP1 to 2 is desirable, past that level one should only whale if they really like the guy.


FGO NA player is more advanced at information and know his banner coming soon, so they have almost total preparation.
Though we can't really guess the power of Luck, maybe getting him with just 1 roll or worse more than 300 SQ.

Jalter is the best at her job, but Merlin can make every Buster servant into meme also his kit is widely known among FGO player ( this is also very strong reason why people gonna roll so bad for him ).

He's basically a Legal FGO cheat engine whose purpose is to gain massive profit.

People often have strong DPS already, they always seeks supp like Waver and Merlin, no wonder FGO income maybe will surpass Jalter banner profit.
Get into stage, refresh friend support list then pick Merlin or Waver.

Yes mate, people know his NP will only increase healing power but somehow why they still do that ? =_=


What does exactly whale mean? Cause I'm F2P but I'm saving at least 210 sq to get him
Does it count as whaling? XD


Whale - a very large marine mammal with a streamlined hairless body, a horizontal tail fin, and a blowhole on top of the head for breathing.


Yep, me.

I whaled 3 times
1. Got Jack from GSSR
2. Summer - NP3 Tama Lancer, NP2 Squirtoria, NP2 Boxer Martha, and NP1 Marie and Mordred
3. Halloween - NP1 Tama, NP3 Tama Cat, NP3 Carmilla, 2x Halloween Devil (I like that CE)

Other than that, I am pretty much done. Merlin will be #4 and will probably cost me a few hundred, but my team is super strong as is (Raikou + Iskandar == death to everything). Not rolling for Jalter and don't really need Waver. I am now concentrating on skills. A few maxed servants is better than a huge harem, at least for gameplay. ;)