Is Arjuna worth investing ?

So i was rolling for archuria and arjuna spooked me and during the 1/2 ap campaign i raised my np2 emiya
Ofc i will mad ascend him but is he better than emiya or not
Thanks in advance

Asked by Deku234 months 1 week ago


by Haagen 4 months 1 week ago

As of now I would say they are about the same. However emiya will get his sq soon whereas arjuna needs some time. Overall i would say arjuna is better but both are really similar


Okay. Emiya with his interlude is a monstrous crit servant with a 100% crit damage up, and 100% Star gen rate up on his hawk eye skill. NP damage considering their NP levels and their skills at level 10 Arjuna wins with higher stats and the double buffs of Mana burst flames buster and NP damage.
Arjuna is tankier due to hero of the endowed which at level 10 heals him 2000 every 5 turns (Making him a nice candidate to stick black Grail to) crit stars and charges his NP while Emiya only has a defense buff and evade.
Generally if you're just wanting to burst someone or a huge health wave run Arjuna for general use Emiya since his NP isn't amazing, but his crit damage and card damage due to projection is good.
In my opinion Emiya is one of those servants who has lackluster NP compared to others, but shines through his skills and his general damage and Arjuna is well an AOE nuke with black grail.


So arjuna isn't as bad as i thought so i will wait the next 1/2 ap campaign to raise him and until then emiya wil fill my archer spot
Thanks for your advice


Emiya definitely or you can wait for Chloe too... 100% crit damage for 3 turns with 100% stargen combined with his relatively high hit counts on arts cards make him a monster...