Before awakening

On which servant do you think i should use this ce? I was planning to use in on Martha (ruler) since i got Jalter a couple of days ago and i use it on her. Do you have any better idea?

Asked by ZerefDragneel3 weeks 6 days ago


Not really. 8% increase on quick/arts/buster works on literally anyone. It's a one-size-fits-all card. Martha ruler might benefit a little more from something that increases ONLY buster card effectiveness since she has a 3-buster deck.

But yeah, before awakening is always a safe choice. Just usually not the best choice.


by Harris 3 weeks 6 days ago

If you want optimal, it'd be best to put it on a servant with a 2-2-1 deck, so they get the full effects. If the servant can NPAA/BB/QQ chain, it'd be best to give higher card effectiveness for whatever the NP type is.


by Fabris 3 weeks 6 days ago

As mentioned above, people with mixed decks, like QQAAB, or

Would recomend 100 Faces Hassan, as she has stargen up+ NP gain up skills, plus chanced Buster+Arts+Quick on Evade.

Or Georgios, since it does gives him a little 8% def up, on top of a little buff for all his weakish attack cards.


I prefer it put on servant with 2-2-1 deck, or fabulous Art/Quick card performance.
For instance, gampa King Hassan in the future, event though his deck is 3-1-1.
Or Lancer Tamamo.
However, generally this CE is not so outstanding, since most servants are focusing on 1-2 kind of their individual cards,

For Jalter, more critical damage is good enough.


Thanks guy. I just have an idea of which servant should I use this ce. Personally I think this is a great ce and just got it on the same roll where i got Jalter and Nurserh Rime lol


Many people overlook the 8% def. Just this stat alone is useful on servants which can make use of the def stats like George, mash and leonaidas. Getting additional 8% to their cards is a bonus.

Would rather use this kirei over the half naked kirei.


by Fear3d 3 weeks 3 days ago

Dunno... Before Awakening was one of the first 5* CEs that I ever got, but I've rarely actually found myself using it. It's a jack of all trades, but a master of none. As Tcommando said, it's a solid CE for any servant, but there's generally a better CE for every servant as well. Maybe you could stick it on Mash, if you like to use her.