Babylonia Bosses to take note of?

My go to team for nearly every story/event fight is
Nightingale (Volumen),
Ibaraki (MLB Golden Sumo),
Mash (Gold captures carp)
Waver (Magical Girl Sapphire) <-backline
The last slot and support vary on what enemy class is expected though i usually 'borrow' a herc as a zombie unit (dont own one)

The question becomes will there be bosses like gawain/tristan in camelot with special conditions where this team will clearly not work and if so what servants would you recommend on those particular fights.

Asked by PequodLZ1 week 1 day ago


there are 2 gimmicks in this singularity...
one of them is the fight with Quetz, she takes no damage from good and neutral aligned servants and takes half damage from evil servants. only summer servants, nero bride and insane servants such as heracles do normal damage. your best girl for this fight is still Jack though, since quetz is a female raider and jack just do them in anyway...
Another gimmick is the random party shuffle that starts to occur after a certain chapter.


When you say party shuffle you mean like i could start the fight with ibaraki suddenly not in my frontline? Does the shuffle happen only once or every turn? Is the combat uniform available in this scenario?


it means that your party will be randomly shuffled once at the beginning of the fight. yes you can use plugsuit the bring a member back from the back-line. this happens with the fights in chapter 20.
Also if you want easier fights always pick the bottom option on those unskippable choices.