Best way to earn Alterium?

What is the best way for me to earn Alterium? I was thinking about doing the Tesla one, but the last time I did it, I had to use a command seal to revive my team. My highest level serving is maybe around 50, I'm also f2p so I don't have a lot of good summonavld servants. And should I grind the event Alterium first or grind for all stuff in the shop?

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Best farming spots for altrium are Super Dimension for higher levels and Comet for lower levels, so try this 2nd one.
For shop items you should prioritise rare materials like scales, fangs and feathers
Other items are easy to get and i recommend farmig Altrium instead

Yeah, that's the one you I been grinding, but I only get 6.2k per run and I'm sitting on 320k so feels like I won't make it by the time the event is done. Thanks this was extremely useful.

That's how much this quest gives
Only 2 free quests give more than this but they require fighting Tesla or 1.000.000 HP Mysterious Heroine Z

MHZ isn't that bad, just make sure you can clear the first wave of lvl30 mobs, take down the 420k hp lancer dragon, have arash kill himself, and then release the mlb purely lvl90 np5 hercules you borrowed from a friend that's been sitting in the backline, being very angry. Use some skills to keep him alive, and use MHZ's high hit rate to charge np, and then attack buff and attack buff, and proceed to watch the angriest man alive do monstrous damage.

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What he said ^^ lol

If you're able to get past Tesla, I think the one with Scathach isn't too bad granted you have a strong saber in your friend's list, and so long as you're able to finish off the Rider mini-boss without losing too much in terms of HP. Just use your first aid and emergency evade skills when they need to be used and you should be fine. Sabers are needed for Scathach but since you're likely stacking sabers for the extra Altrium bonus it shouldn't be too bad if you have at least one of them sufficiently leveled and another from your friend slot.