Burn Fionn or use him in my arts farming team

so i got spooked by Fionn should i burn him and beowulf for the anniversary blonde

Asked by want_jalter3 weeks 5 days ago


Personally, I would burn Fionn with the fury of a thousand suns. Fionn is not good at all,Weak in attack, weak skills that become passable when max. But Beowulf is decent if you don't have Herc.

Anniversary Blonde is not going anywhere, you have time to wait until you get another Fionn.


Personally, I never burn a servant that I don't have. Even if I never plan to use the servant, I keep them and will generally try to max their NP in case I ever change my mind. That being said, I don't have Fionn, but I don't think I've ever heard anything good about him, to be honest.


by Mysty 3 weeks 5 days ago

Burn Fion! Burn him! Worthless twerp who came twice when I wanted tama or kiyohime lancers.

Not sure I would spend on a mystic code though. I never used any other than the combat uniform these days. Though anniversary blonde is the cutest one... (not biased at all with the same outfit in my cosplay lineup :-D)


by Fabris 3 weeks 5 days ago

His first skill post ST quest (not out yet, I think) make he become a somewhat decent support for arts crit teams.

Also, you can use his taunt as a kill-switch, since it's not worthy of levelling (big cooldown, need a lore to be not-RNG) =D.

AOE Lancer is a kinda uncommon niche, but in the second Christmass of this year you will be getting a AOE Lancer easy to NP5, and better than Fionn overall.

Just use him if you really want an Arts Lancer and does not have Li Shuwen to take this job.