Camelot Bosses

So, I just beat the first boss battle in Camelot( after using 20 Ap for a scouting run, and then a 3 command seal revive on the second run). My question is, do all the other bosses have bullshit overpowered undispellable buffs as well? Just a yes or no question, no details please.

Asked by Kalotan1 week 4 days ago


by zer0z 1 week 4 days ago

If you mean the bosses of every node, then no, not ALL.

EDIT: just a warning to the OP since mine is the first comment, there is a spoiler on one of the comments down below. If you haven't seen it in your peripheral vision yet, proceed with caution.

Hahahahaha!!! Not on the level of Gawain but yes they all have a shit gimmick buff that can't be removed because of story reasons.

The guy asked specifically about bosses though, which I assume means the boss of each node. Idk tho since I don't want to ask too specifically since it might spoil.

Am I the only one who thinks Mordred was worse? Fighting her twice in the same battle as well as full NP on every turn is insane.

Yeah dude, someone pointed it out already, but for OP's sake please edit this comment, it's a pretty big spoiler on a thread where the OP specifically asked not to be spoiled.

Yes every boss has a gimmick and to the people answering this stop spoiling the fights even by name dropping OP wanted no spoilers.

for me Gawain was hardest from all (still Euri works good against), and only the last boss of Singularity was harder

Oh come on dude, It won't be fun if you tell him the boss name. Blind run = Thrill of battle. Since he want to not spoil anything. The answer is YES, Camelot have bosses with all of them have superhuman strength.