Exhibition quests

Should a noob with only one lvl 80 4* even attempt to do this? I read the boss guide and i dont think its even possible for me.

Asked by sera202 months ago


I think the general advice is to play at the level you're comfortable playing at (effort & time invested), if you're looking for farming. Friend support can be a big help. If you just want to test yourself go at it.

That being said, most of my servants are lv 60-66, and so far I'm doing okay in the qualifiers (which is the point for farming, I think). I'm planning on leveling up a bit with the lottery wins, so we'll see how far it goes haha.

Edit: In hindsight, yeah, I don't think this was the answer you were looking for. Maybe someone who is used to playing at a higher level will answer it.


I haven't looked at the guide myself, but the roulette gives you CE's with 100% attack up bonus in the event. When you get all of them you will be able to vastly improve the performance of your servants despite their low level. And at 1AP per attempt, you don't loose much if you die.

I was pretty new when Saber Wars came out. Looking at the guide I thought there was no way I could ever beat some of those quests, especially when non leveled Sig and Fergus were my only sabers. But then I got more and more event attack bonus CE's and I started completing the higher level quests in fewer and fewer turns. I could go from Jeanne Ruler boss getting 3 np's off before she (or I) went down to killing her off before the first np was released as I got the full set of CE's (and the shop got me the mat and exp to improve my servant levels).

No harm in trying, and if you win you can feel proud and earn a summon ticket to boot.


What I can actually tell you....As what FeatheredOni stated...Try to get high level support friend that can carry you(I did that back in my early days during Garden of sinners collab only owning Nero 50 and Cat 45 but manage to clear everything)


Well state your ign (coz I dont know which) here you can have my id 076,995,979 tho not sure how much my girls(except one trap) can carry you


Cu alter can solo about half the exhibition quest with decent support but you probably won't be able to beat some like the hassans. It only costs 1 ap per quest so just have fun with it.