EXP card

Alright, so i just bought all of the EXP cards from the summer part 2 shop. But what should i do with it? Should i :

1 . Keep it so i can ascend Chloe/Kuro faster, or
2. Use it to upgrade some of the female servants for the next event

I already use almost all of the EXP cards from part 1 shop for Saberlot (Because i love this crit monster) and Drake (after i know that the next event will have a lot of casters).

My female servants are :
Lvl 70 Drake (All skills unlocked)
Lvl 60 Nightingale
Lvl 60 Mash (Still pre-Camelot)
Lvl 52 Mordred
Lvl 50 Elisabeth
Lvl 45 Assassin Scathach
Lvl 40 Euryale
Lvl 9 Hundred faces and Serenity

So, yeah. What should i do?

Asked by Halvaron3 months ago


You Could save them to Chloe because we will need ascend her for some event missions.


My personal philosophy has been to use the event EXP to level the event servant. With 100 gold and 100 silver EXP, you can fairly reliably get a servant to the 60's level wise. That's more than enough to fulfill any missions involving leveling Chloe.

I would recommend using what you have to just prep for the event. Level up some good female servants: Mash, Drake, definitely, maybe Nightingale and Mordred. I think that'll give you the most bang for your buck.


For the gold cards, I would use it to level up whoever would make your team stronger, but I would personally sell the silver exp cards for mana prisms since I think mana prisms are worth more than the little exp they give