Gilgamesh vs. Waver

Apparently Gilgamesh’s drop went up recently and I was thinking of try my luck with him but then I remembered that Waver is also getting a banner along with Iskandar. I’m quite torn who to pick? A god-like offensive servant or a god-like support servant.

Also, I just started playing the just last week so the only good servants I have is Hans, Cu, Tamamo Cat, Robin Hood, and Jeanne Alter (still can’t believe that I pulled this bastared on my first try)

With that being said which one should I pick? Another strong offensive servant? Or a strong support servant to support Jeanne Alter?

Asked by Shōnen8 months ago


Both of them are very good but gameplay wise, you should go for Waver as he fits on any team and makes it better. But to get the max of him, you should have the materials to ascend him to his 3rd ascension at least.

Gilgamesh is also very good self sufficient, Critbuster Servant and with his last strenghing interlude, his AoE NP hits like a ST againt Servants.

But if you don't care about gameplay, you should go for the one you like the most.


by Gena J 8 months 1 week ago

You already have a bunch of good characters, so I would say Waver because if you put him + Hans + Jalter you already have a really good team. But if you really like Gilgamesh just pull for him, is way more important to try pulling the characters that you like imo.


Since you've just started playing I'm going to assume your either at Fuyuki or France and to be honest team gameplay doesn't matter really until London/America and especially for the next chapter and beyond. So my advice is to go for both and if you don't like that answer then go for whoever you like better as a character even if it doesn't end up being Gilgamesh or Waver.


You can't go wrong with either of those two, but Waver will add more value long term.

Gil is an absolutely fantastic Archer, but there are a lot of great Archers. You've already got a good one in Robin.


If you intent on using Jalter as your main damage dealer then I'd say go for Waver, team them up with Hans and you are so gucci.

Gil is a really strong servant on his own but overall Waver would bring much more to you as a whole seeing how he can make basically any team comp work much better.

Also Gil comes back on a bunch of different banner where as Waver is relatively rare.