How many quartz?

Okay, recently I just spent all my quartz (f2p) on the jalter banner and now I only have 2 quartz.(lol) Anyway, I wanted to ask how many quartz will I have till caster gil's banner? (Just curious.. since I wanted to try rolling for him...)

Asked by Kuro_Kitsune3 weeks 6 days ago


by Fabris 3 weeks 6 days ago

Same there as well...

Don't forget to buy the summon tickets in the shop in the begining of November and December, 10 yolo rolls for "free", plus the ones we will get from weekly login...

Sadly, he shares a rate up with Lolidusa, so the chances of getting him are halved...


Yeah :/ ik what you mean.. buuut, I don't have any gold lancer(not until I grail my cu ofc)
also FOR SOME reason, casters really seem to like me lol I got spooked by NR,Nitocris 2x, and Marie.. so im hoping gil likes me lmao