I need help to build a team

I have a few servants of 4 * but I have problems getting 5 * (I only have 1) and I also have 3 * trained:
- Altera
- Nero
- Marie Antoinette
- Siegfried
- Heracles
- Elizabeth Bathory
- Stheno
- Oda Nobunaga
- Santa Alter
- Altria lily
- Cu chulainn
- Medusa
- Alexander
- Kiyohime
- Medea

You could also advise other servants to train them. Thanks in advance

Asked by Talos-kun9 months 2 weeks ago


by Zero 9 months 2 weeks ago

Out of usual archetypic teams, you an try building Arts variant around your Nero with Hans and support Tamamo / Waver. Won't be fastest, but comes packing some good survivability.

Could go Quick with Medusa / Alexander / Ushi and Hans with support Jack. Or just Crit, with Nobu and Hans with support Jack (this team should hit hardest of all three on crit turns).

...Notice the common trait here? Hans is *that* good.

Cu Chu Train, with Cu, Proto Cu, CAHassan and Marie can be interesting survivalist team with all them having three hit dodge / invulnerability, but clear speed would be lacking.

Siegfred + Georgoios combo is one good way to utilize Siegfred Ant-Dragon buff generally, via George's trait-applying NP.


Hans is a 2* so you'll get tons of copies of him eventually if you just keep rolling the FP Gach (remember to use the free 10-roll you get each day).

But honestly, if you're so new that you don't have all the 3* and under servants yet then you probably shouldn't worry much about team building (beyond obvious things like bringing servants with class advantage) since your available servants will be changing every few days. Just try out everyone that seems neat and think about what servants and playstyles you like, then build around that. This game isn't hard enough that you need super optimal teams to beat it. Especially since you have some berserkers (herc is basically the best one) so you can get through most early content by throwing some strong berserkers (or anyone with class advantage) together and spamming buster cards until everything dies.