If You Could Add Me Please Do

My Support Setup is Pretty Shit but if you could add me please do, im starting to need help because camelot is a bitch


Asked by BLU3T3AR1 month 1 week ago


I sent you a request i don't have much but i think my archer Altria will help especially in Camelot.

by Yoru43 1 month 1 week ago

Sent you a request. I hope I'm of some help.
(Username: Yoru)

by Neil 1 month 1 week ago

I don't want to sound like a broken record but focus on levelling your units. Friend support only goes so far in Camelot. I'd add you but full friend list and I've now reduced the removal period to must have played in 3 days

Do you have any 3 star archers at all? I only ask as 2 of the bosses are sabers not to mention the Knights themselves have a good amount of sabers in their ranks and both bosses have aoe nps so having multiple archers is good

3 spots opened up, sent you a request. My Squirtle should be max level soon enough. And I'll be putting legit CEs back on soon as the event is over....NVM I already had you added (I though the name looked familiar lol) but yea Squirtle will be up soon enough. Thanks for your Titoria alter. I used her and my own Titoria quite a bit to farm the iron node

I could put my Euryale back up again but...I do think Squirtle is better for the fight if she can np continuously. Just use a mystic code that has an evade in case she misses. Oh and let me know here if you want Euryale I can put her back up too if you want the stuns

by Mabo 1 month 1 week ago

Sent you a request, my servants perform better in arts teams but you should be fine with whatever. Good luck!

by Necron 1 month 1 week ago

The good thing is Camelot isn't a limited event lol so you can ease your way through that campaign. If you've got David, Euryale, and Robin Hood, make sure to max out their levels. It's easy to NP5 them too since they're 3-star servants. They will make the Gawain fight 20x easier. Prioritize Euryale since she's anti-male.

by zer0z 1 month 1 week ago

Sent you a request. Dunno how much help my lineup will for Camelot, but I should be able to replace Arjuna with a decently levelled Archer Altria soon.

Sent you a request. I have mostly SSR femmes to help you out a bit in most roles. Hopefully they’ll be of help to you

Yea, I figure I’d prep for the Prisma event now. Most the servants are viable anytime anyways and at least this way my friends list will be ready. I always see so many people forget to adjust for the first couple days and at least this way I’m prepared lol

I couldn’t believe the luck throughout those roles! I had saved close to 500 Quartz just for this event, but I figured if I was lucky I could get 3 or 4 of them in total. By the time I finally called it I had NP5 Tamamo and Mordred, NP2 Anne & Mary, NP3 Ruler Martha and NP2 Marie! Never did pull Kiyohime or Squirtoria but there is NO way I would ever complain lol. Considering the last time I had saved around that many Quartz I ended up with only 3 SRs I think, I wasn’t super confident going in lol. And I can kinda of break now and save back up as not much interests me a whole lot till Ishtar, a must have for me lol

Sent you a request. I got a 10/5/10 grailed Euryale which should be of some help for Camelot :B

For SSRs, I have a 5/4/6 Nightingale and a 4/4/4 Lancertoria

Sent you a friend request I have a level 90 Jack which should help some for Ozymandias

by dot 1 month 1 week ago

My team might not be the best, but feel free to accept my friend request (username : Dot)

I added you my support list isn't incredible but arash lvl 90