Jailter or Mama?

I was saving quartz for the next summer event for Caster Nero and Lancer Raikou but i just finished to NP5 Jeanne Alter Lily. Should i use her as my main Lancer or switch to Raikou if/when i summon her?
They both have Buster NPs and Buster boosting skills, but Mama is a ST while Jailter is AoE.

Asked by LFVBF1 week ago


Yeah. Raikou is top SR lancer at that moment I believe. (top as damaging). Jalter lily is really cute that made me love her so much, but wont help too much in gameplay besides of AOE farming. Only Artoria Lancer Alter can be comparable to Raikou.

Off course, FGO is game of 90% farming. SO Jalter Lily is still great, but she is just not your 1st priority to kill a boss.