Just a small little moment

That sad moment when someone unfriends you and you have no idea who it was so you don't know if a support you like disappeared.

To be fair, they probably had a good reason but it still slightly stings xD

Asked by CrossarmX1 week ago


Dont be so sad, there is lots of reason for unfriend you. Maybe the people just gifted his account to other person then delete all the number, maybe that people consider to sustain his playing for a long period of time due to many other reason then emptied his friend list. I have see such people like lv 130 but didnt login in 3 months, or join the army and didtn play. They have their own reason I believe.

Take it easy.


Maybe he tripped, fell, and his finger happened to just hit "unfriend" on your tab.

Maybe post a screencap of your supports so we can get a good idea of what you have going on that might lead to deletion.


If you're on my friend list you get kicked off because you don't log in consistently. Every day I check my friend list and if it's been more than 2 days since you've logged in you will be removed.