So is kaleidoscope secretly on rateup on the Jalter Banner? For some reason I got 3 copies already and MLBd that Craft Essence. Not that I have much use of it aside from my Max Bonded Kiyohime on my support list. 😅

Asked by _Avicebron_3 weeks 5 days ago


I managed to summon jalter but ask me how i still have no kscopes or even an imaginary element. Rocking the triple mlb leyline feelzbadman.


Don't think so you probably just got quite lucky, I managed to get a Fragment of 2030 but no kaleidoscopes(or of course jalter) so its probably just a coincidence you got 3


by Fabris 3 weeks 5 days ago

Only good thing I got was Limited Zero Over, not a single 4* servant (not even copies to NP2 =/) on multi-rolls.

Yorokobe, you can farm very fast now.