Mama's dream team?

Well, i allready started to invest in Mama (grailed to 96, aim to 100) and now thinking about her teammates. Obvious, crit generator and support. With support i have 0 problems, Waver for the win. But star maker is troublesome. Right now i have Kiritsugu (grailed to 90 for "fan" reasons), he have a good synergy with Mama cuz of combo with Mama's evade and his target taunt. He even can take a role of crit dd if Mama goes down (passive and skill to up his crit dmg). So a question is - if Kiritsugu gonna be still good in future or better to aim for Jack as stars maker in anniversary banners? I aim for Jeanne as well for my Vlad/Jeanne/Tamamo team, so i need to decide on one of them. And pls, dont answer like "whatever, pick support", cuz i prefer to use only servants i have for gameplay/fun reasons. Supports is placed last in all my teams...

Asked by SoulOfCanaaN3 months ago


Jack is fine as a star generator and you won't really go wrong with her. That aside, have you considered Merlin? I ask since you haven't mentioned him and he is basically the go-to support for raikou cos buster-crit memes, and he takes care of your star problem too.

Yeah Merlin is op for every team i think, but he is not even close for NA server. And i know how Jack is good, but allready have two "almost maxed" assassins (Kiritsugu and Shouten, both NP2), so...

If that's the case I don't think it's worth specifically rolling for Jack. In terms of which anniversary banner, just roll whichever has more servants you want/need. Since you also need tamamo, I would roll the 4 horsemen, since with Jack and tamamo you have a 1/5 chance of getting something you want, but that's only if those (and jeanne) are the only ones in both banners that you want. I don't know how you feel about all the other servants so that's all I can say.

BTW, just gonna add that you don't necessarily need jeanne for vlad. Unless there's some other reason you want to specifically use jeanne+vlad+tamamo for a team, you can sub jeanne out for any other arts servant and the team would still work almost as well, and waver is imo currently a better fit for that particular team, at least until Jeanne's strengthening quest which isn't going to be for a while.

I allready have Vlad and Tamamo, right now i use Deon with them, want to swap him with Jeanne. Deon's NP is kinda sucks, but skillset is amazing. But with Deon there is no escape from aoe NP. Actually i always wanted Jeanne for waifu reasons, but while beating the hell out of Gozen on 3BP i fell in love not only for Jeanne legs, but for her NP as well.

Well in that case the decision imo is pretty easy - go for Jeanne. The game isn't so hard that you NEED to optimise any team to beat it, and almost everyone plays the game more for the characters than for the actual gameplay. When undecided, always go for the one you like more.

You can never go wrong with Jack : nice stats, one of the best Boss Killer in the game, one of the best star generator, a great NP Gain, she has an Evade Skill, a remove buff, a healing with a very low cooldown...

I hate Loli character but Jack is the exception for me.

Even if you have Shuten and Kiritusgu, having Jack is a big plus.