Medea/Robin vs Helena/Emiya

So with the half AP for dailies, I have been able to level my core party really rapidly, which has been really great. It did make me realize though that I was missing a proper archer and 'offensive' caster in my party. With a fully leveled Herc, Kintoki Rider, Hans, and Cu, with a Mordred, Carmilla, and Medb in the works, I wanted to figure out who I should level.

I have access to supports that have Tamamo-no-Mae, so would I want to level and skill up Medea and Robin, keeping in mind that neither of them would be NP5, or am I better off leveling Helena and Emiya for now until I got my own Tamamo, or more people who could make up an arts team? I was also considering David, but I don't know if he's really worth leveling fully since everyone seems to use him just for second skill to dodge an enemy NP. If not either of those two groups, who else would be a good choice for leveling for those classes, or honestly in general?

Edit: I forgot to mention I also got lucky and had Nitocris drop. I'm not sure if's considered more useful/powerful than the other two casters I mentioned.

Asked by Garret Sylvar5 months ago


Robin is an awesome ST Archer and is always worth levelling, so is medea. Emiya gets better with strenghtenings, but his Second one still isn't here yet, so no hurry to level him if you already have a farming party.
Helena is a nice AOE caster and her skillset is nice, her cooldowns are a bit too high but i'd recomend levelling If you need some extra support.

And David is awesome and deserves to be levelled, a dead support can't use his awesome second skill, and more attack means his cards Will be usefull while you wait the opportunity to use his evade


Nitocris is a farming servant, one who can NP 2 turns in a row, and the best one so far, but she needs her first two skills near maxed to do it.

Medea is an NP spamming offensive caster, and that's it.

Helena is a support servant, essentially a discounted Waver.


Already answered pretty well but I'll sing the gospel of David a bit more - being tied for 2nd highest attack of all 3* servants let's him hit quite hard while his first skill makes him unreasonably tanky. His NP provides further utility with skill seal and sure hit which though mostly useless when they do matter they are very very nice things to have. His only real "weakness" is that he has a high star weight taking away from your other servants but with independent action A his crits still let him use them fairly well if required. All all I liked using him so much I grailled him because he's just that good even outcompeting actual 5* servants in many cases.