Need advice

I just grailed my jalter to lvl 100 and was wondering if i should grail
cu alter as well or not

Asked by Deku232 months 2 weeks ago


damn you lucky rascal of course you grail him
those two are the most grail benefiting/deserving servants in the game

Thanks for your reply and i guess i will do as you say since now is the best time to lvl up servants with the half ap campaign and increased chances of super/great success

I also have both and I can proudly say I'm glad I grailed both. Is it overkill? Yes, but though they both do phenomenal damage they function differently. From my experience Jalter does more damage when she has advantage (against rulers and berserkers) but cu alter is easier to keep alive, ironically given that he is a berserker. He's also wallet friendly in that he's best either alone or with a tank and support. And who better to tank then Mash right now?

Cu alter is a beast with support from waver and mash ia finished Camelot without having any difficulties against in the boss battles as for jalter she still need merlin to preform at her best