Nero bride vs lancelot

I have both but i want the better damage dealer

Asked by the guy1 week 2 days ago


by Mysty 1 week 2 days ago

I have both leveled up and I would say hands down saberlot packs a stronger punch. Saberlot's skills all align with generating stars and using them, plus np spam. Nero bride focuses more on support, plus her np doesn't hit as hard.

I have never intended to grail anyone past 90...but saberlot sure tempts me. He is by far my favorite saber.


They compliment each other really well! Note also that Bride Nero's NP has a defense down debuff, so if you follow up with Saberlot, he'll wreck even harder!


Lancelot is easier to use due to his consistency, Bride has a way higher damage ceiling.

Bride has superior stats, NP interlude, a strong atk buff and defense debuff. Those things make a big difference.

Let's say both are at NP1, then the difference between their NPAA chain is over 50K.

Lancelot would need to be NP5 and grailed to 100 to do comparable damage to NP1 Bride's NPAA burst...and even then, Bride would outdamage him in the long run (defense debuff). If Bride is at NP2, there's no way for Lancelot to match her.


Maybe without doing critical damage. Saberlot's npaa e chains with critical hits consistently outclass my nero bride because she doesn't crit as well. And often sets him up to immediately fire off another np. And my saberlot is only np2 grailed to 90, but he was out damaging nero before I grailed him.


Which is why i said Saberlot is easier to use due to his star gen and consistency. You can make Bride consistent with team comp.

Remember that Nero Bride gets an NP Interlude later. Now, make them both crit on their NPAA chains...Really, do the math and you will see the gap.
EDIT: Use this Calculator (fixed).

This is the Read Only version...Make a copy of this one so you can modify it.
Using that Calculator, i assume both have a MLB Formalcraft (30% extra Arts for both), their attack is their max (11,607 for Bride and 9949 for Saberlot) and they are facing a caster (neutral damage). NPAA chain with crits, the results:

NP1 Bride 96k~117k
NP1 Saberlot 56k~68k
NP5 Saberlot 74k~90k
Lv100 NP5 Saberlot 90k~110k (lv100 Saberlot has 12,046 atk)

This calc doesn't factor the defense debuff of Bride, so the gap can be higher.


There are a couple things worth mentioning. First, we should clarify that those numbers are based on Nero's interlude, which won't be available for another 6 months or so. The current Nero would have lower numbers. Just thought I should mention that, just in case someone misunderstood and thought that Nero's future damage would be even greater.

Secondly, you're comparing a solo Saberlot against a Nero with supports. Saberlot can easily provide his own stars and crit on demand, whenever he feels like it, so the numbers that you posted for him are something that he can do entirely on his own power. However, the numbers that you posted for Nero are not something that she can do on her own power (at least not with any form of consistency). She is a saber, which means that she has mediocre star absorption, and she has no star gathering skills, and you're not using a star absorption CE on her. This means that if you really wanted to make her able to consistently crit whenever you need her to, you will need to be able to generate a whole bunch of stars on demand, so you've got to be running a very specific team, and her supports will have to be focused solely upon star generation. This is a very important fact that you can't overlook.

The reason is because, since Nero's supports will be focused completely on generating stars, they will less capable of providing steroids. On the other hand, since Saberlot can completely provide his own stars, his supports can be completely focused on buffing him with extra attack, extra crit damage, extra arts damage, extra NP damage, etc. So you can't necessarily say that Nero will actually be doing more damage, because you've got to consider the opportunity cost from bringing along star generation supports instead of buff stacking supports.


Couldn't of said it better myself. Nero Bride can out perform saberlot and on top of that can also play as a support role. She really shines a lot more after her interlude.


for damaging, Lancelot is better. Using Hans already made Lancelot decent in critical damaging.
But Bride has valuable supportive function.
They can be in a team against lancers.
Overall they wont make so much difference. Bride is shinning in a normal Art team, Lancelot is great in critical team.