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I have 120 pieces of saints quartz. Is that enough to get at least one 5 star servant.?

Asked by hobidave0073 months 1 week ago


by BheraZ 3 months 1 week ago

It based on RNG, there is no guaranteed gacha except Paid Gacha. Based on someone information normally the minimum amount of Quartz to pull a 5 star was 500-600 Quartz. So good luck

Game does not offer a pitty timer aka guaranteed 5* after a certain amount of quartz spent. Roll on rate up banners and you might get lucky. I got Scathach with 60 sq and 5 tickets.

There is a gacha simulator on this website, try it and see how many quartz you might spend before opening a SSR

Zero chance on getting 5 star servant with just 120 sq. You should also save up Summon tickets.

Every pull has 1% chance of being a 5* so some quick math says 120sq (40 pulls) gives more than a 33% chance of at least one 5*. The odds aren't great but to call it "zero chance" when its about 1/3 is absurd.

It’s not impossible to get a five star with 120 quartz but it’s really unlikely. I would say save up till you have at around 250.
With 240 quartz you have about a 55% chance of getting at least one five star

Edit: with 150 quartz you have a 33% chance

As everyone said It is on luck based, I have not rolled a lot cause I'm saving for summer servants but in my experience I got Tamamo with 90 SQ, Shuten with 60 SQ but I can't get Saber Shiki (150 SQ).

Don't roll only to get a 5*, make it for the servants that you want when they have a rate up banner.