New player and in need of help.

About upcoming Nero fest. I would like some friend support since I'm pretty new in this game and I just started two weeks ago.
My line up in upcoming event.
Caster Sanzang Lvl 47
Rider Ramses II lvl 53
Mash Lvl 12
Tamamono Cat Lvl 10
The rest of my servants are level 1
Any Tips and Help is much appreciated.
My ID 144,587,805

Asked by Angelica1 week 4 days ago


I have servants from all classes around level 60-70 if you're interested. My user id is 891,224,367.

In terms of tips, Nerofest is a farming heavy event so in order to maximize your opportunities in getting a lot of ascension materials, you can use the Servant Planner to prioritize what quests you need to run.

A lot of people recommend to use your apples to farm as the lottery system of Nerofest is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get a lot of ascension materials.

Good luck!

I have sent you a request.
My ingame name is Anya, thanks.

Ditto. Use apples for this event to farm. I have sent a friend request.

by zer0z 1 week 4 days ago

I have a few good servants like NP2 Vlad and Tamamo Lancer, but some of their skills are underlevelled. Sent you a request anyway, hope they're helpful.

I hate you newbies with your 5*s.... so much salt...

I will send you a request,have very good supports at max lvl and some skills are already at lvl 10 (best kouhai is 10/10/10)

Well not sure how much my lineup would be of use to you but here is my id 076,995,979

Welp scratch that I didnt see your id up top...anyway sent the

just added u...hope my full cast of SSRs with grailed Raikou will be able to help you.

by Buki 1 week 4 days ago

Sent a friend request. My IGN is Buki. Hope my servants can help you.

- Use all the great support offered here!
- don't sweat the exhibition matches, they are for veterans, not newbie friendly
- use the tools on this site to figure out which ascension mats that are offered in the lottery and shop are required for your primary servants.
- pay attention to CEs that give you bonus drops for farming, get the farming bonus CEs from the shop first.
- As far as using apples: make a plan for ascension/skill materials needed short term. If you find you cannot reliably farm the highest efficiency nodes, you might want to consider saving your apples until you have a servant lineup that can do so. Depends on your needs and its up to you.
- have fun!!

Sent you a request, in-game name is Kane, hope I can help.

Request sent the name's Vanguard. I also hope we can help each other.

So new and such good rolls?
Congrats, dudette.

My Id is: 482.072.599

Nothing epic/maxed, I have a Chloe NP 5 lv 80 1/4/10, and a bunch of servants between lv 60 to 70 (3 are 5*s, Caster Zhuge Liang, Tamamo Lancer and Lancer Altria, also the 4* Ruler Martha), but their skills are rather underleveled, around 1 to 4 (sans Waver second skill, who is a 6). Because I wanna save most mats for ascensions, and also, no big luck with yellow gems...

Sent. My Nightingale should help you with your buster servants and most servants on my support are max lvl. My ign is Gangstar btw

by Mari 1 week 4 days ago

Sent a friend request, hope you gain a lot from my servants, IGN: Savin4Memes