Orion vs Euryale

So I'm currently torn between using either Orion or Euryale. Anyone know which one of the two would benefit my team the most? I mostly run an aggressive team with Herc, Salter and a strong support on the front line, coupled with Hans on the back line if needed.
Thanks in advance!

Asked by Louvel9 months 1 week ago


Orion is the better choice overall. Euryale is a far stronger maleslayer, but Orion is applicable to a much broader range of situations, while also serving as a strong maleslayer. When Euryale gets her Strengthening it'll be a close contest, but for now she's pretty niche.


Okay, some people may not agree, but Orion in a nutshell is just an NP-nuker against male opponents and she does her job well. Euryale is sorta like weaker budget 3* version of her (or analog for those who just likes lolis more than milfs =\).
Orion's best team is Arts-meta, so just putting her in Buster-orientated team like yours won't work. Teammates like Tamamo, Nero Bride and Zhuge Liang will be the best (especially Tamamo's 3rd skill +50% arts). If you going to fight some male saber, just bring Orion and she will deal like 400k+ dmg from her NP (with a little of buffs).


Your response is very informative. So going from what you stated, a team composed of Hans (he's my budget Waver at the moment), a strong Tamamo friend and Orion would work wonders? I can already imagine the NP spam.


You got it)
'Orion - Tamamo - Hans' would do great together. Just save Orion's 1st and 2nd and, of course, Tamamo's 3rd skills till time for Orion's NP and just watch damage. Example of my Orion np2 damage against caster:


by Duo11 9 months 2 weeks ago

Generally Euryale, once her 3rd skill is added, is considered better than Orion as an Anti-Male servant, especially considering her low cost, but if you're looking for a general purpose archer Orion is much better.


Don't forget also that Orion has better stats, more tanky (Defense buff + Evade Skill) and her NP will drain enemy's gauge (all the ticks) after the release of her Interlude.


by Louvel 9 months 2 weeks ago

Thanks for answering everyone. It made my decision much easier and so I'm going with Orion at the moment.


Orion: Hits harder due to her higher stats and huge buff on her 2nd skill and has better survivability due to her 1st skill giving a 50% defense buff and dodge on her 3rd skill which also increases crit damage allowing her to hit harder.

Her NP also drains 1 tick of the enemy's NP gauge once she finishes her 2nd interlude as opposed to Euryale's max chance of 80% on her 1st skill which is affected by magic resistance. In short, while Orion is a designated anti-male archer she can still be used outside of that niche whereas Euryale is less reliable due to her NP only having a 1200% damage modifier at max level and only gaining a damage bonus/charm status towards male opponents.

Euryale: Has higher NP gain due to having a 2 hit arts card as opposed to Orion's 1 hit and her 3rd skill (which she'll get sometime this early Summer I'm guessing) which improves art card performance for 3 turns. Factor in her 1st skill which increases her NP gauge and Euryale will be able to spam her NP with impunity putting her on equal terms with Orion when it comes to the damage department.

The charm chance on her NP is, while not guaranteed thanks to magic resistance, is still high enough to stall male foes due to it having a 100% chance on the base overcharge level. A guaranteed NP drain is always beneficial but there are times when stopping an enemy from attacking outright will be even more so.

Her being a 3 star means maxing it out will be far easier as well and with the option of Palingenesis, lower stats will hardly be a factor (Not to mention that Euryale has a lower cost so you'll have to worry less about exceeding the cost limit).

Once the interludes and strengthening quests for these two are released, deciding who's the better of the two becomes difficult as they're both very effective archers. If you're just looking for an anti-male archer, use whoever you like the most.