The power of Bikini babes

Hey Everyone

Discounting the fact that its a bunch of babes in bikinis during the summer banner(s), is it worth pulling for those servants with my current party? Kinda torn in spending SQs, as I only have 312 SQs (still need to do all the free quests tho) and I heard that both Jalter and Memelin is coming shortly after.
My current SSR and SR units are:
Francis Drake
Florence Nightingale

Kintoki rider
Ibaraki Douji
Tamamo Cat

- Kudos for any input

Asked by Godspeed5 months ago


There's really no need to roll unless you want them. The upcoming Summer units range from great to decent. Notably, Archuria is the best ST Arts spammer who offers great survivability and back to back NP nuking. Tamamo is much more situational since her skills are gimicky (imo), but she serves a similar role as Bryn with a mix of self and a team buff. Martha is an offensive Ruler with a gorilla deck. The rest, I'm not too sure since I never had them in JP but I hear Caster Marie is the only black sheep in the group (take this with a grain of salt).

If you think you need any of these, then feel free to roll. Although a good sidenote would be that Chloe/Kuro (welfare for Prillya) functions as an SR Archuria, so that's something to consider before dumping all your sq on her banner. Chloe basically outdamages her in NP (coz NP5) but has lower back to back NP spam potential and replaces Archuria's heal with an evade.


Great response. Been wanting to roll archuria myself but been held back by the release of kuro in the future, might go for the tamamo banner since i do lack a gold lancer even though cu is grailed + 10 10 10.


(ง'̀-'́)ง How dare you call Ruler Martha deck a gorilla. Been saving for around 4 months just to get a NP5 copy of her. (ง'̀-'́)ง fight me (ง'̀-'́)ง


Much as I love caster Marie and am planning on rolling for her having her crit damage buff on her NP instead of a skill is a pretty big downside given its not a full support NP like Merlin or Tammamo making her pretty definitely the weakest of the summer servants, still functions well in arts crit teams though~


Quite honestly, speaking in extremely broad terms, both Jalter and Merlin are better than every servant the summer gacha has to offer. Archuria is arguably better than Jalter depending on who you team her up with, but welfare Chloe comes soon after and serves as a good substitute for her. Obviously which servants are best vary depending on situation/team comp but overall, the summer servants, while good are imo not worth using quartz on next to Jalter and Merlin unless you like them.


by Rjuu 5 months ago

I see in Fate/Grand order wiki, the event have the rerun again, be sure to get memelin for buster team support or jalter the best avanger, but this your choice to roll in summer or save for both memelin and jalter