Question for re-rolls and banner rolls

From the re-rolls at the beginning I got heracles and ushiwakamaru, so I thought, this could be two good servants to play with
But since I re-rolled many times at the beginning, I wonder whether I should choose from my roll including 2x Siegfried 1x Euryale, another roll including 1x Emiya, 1x Siegfried, 1x Robin Hood, 1x David and of course the roll with heracles and ushiwakamaru which account I play with for about 2 weeks now
The other thing is I have 72 sq and 14 tickets

So 1. What roll is better to use?
And 2. On what banner should I use my rolls?

Thanks in advance

Asked by Rikune9 months 1 week ago


Okay, first: in your initial tutorial roll you got at least one guaranteed 4* servant of that pool (sorted by rating):
Heracles, Tamamo Cat, EMIYA, Carmilla, Elisabeth Bathory, d’Eon, Marie, Saint Martha, Siegfried, Stheno.
So basically, Herc is the best starting servant (unless one of listed above is your waifu, cos playing favorite servants should be prioritized).
If you somehow manage to roll multiple 4* servants - that's a big luck (but I'd personally would prefer one Herc much more than two or even five Siegfried's).
1*, 2* and 3* servants / craft essences can be rolled via friend points gacha any time and you shouldn't care about them in your initial roll.
Now about banners... I'd recommend you to wait for Jeanne Alter or Cu Chulainn Alter banners that will be coming in a month or so - those servants are one's that almost all players will be aiming for soon.


If I have to build a team with waifus or at least servants I like, then I should spent a lot of money for that, haha.
For the banners today I saw that you have greater chance getting Zhuge Liang or Nero (umu :D)
I heard about Zhuge as a powerful and high tier servant (with very good buffs for anyone's team) but I'm struggeling rolling for him.
I'm someone who doesn't have too much luck getting something good at gacha or rolls generally, so I'm kinda forced to wait and collect more tickets and sq to have greater chance rolling Jalter or Cu Alter for example.
I appreciate your answer and advices, thanks ^^


Always roll for your favorites. If there’s a powerful servant that everyone’s rolling for, then you can expect at least a few players on your friend list to make them available for use.

So if you want Jalter or Cu Alter, then sure, stockpile and wait. If you like Waver, then feel free to roll, although you can expect a rate up banner with Iskander and him sometime in April, so no need to roll right this minute.

Servants will come to you, in time, if you can be patient. You should only feel compelled to roll for rate up banners on servants you desperately want ASAP- aka your favorites.


Zhuge as a powerful? - No. Helpful and useful - hell yes. Till the end of this year he's no.1 in any tier list and shift's to no.2 after release of Merlyn.
Both coming Alter's are just too powerful to ignore, try to save some tickets and SQ for them.
And about getting waifu's:
1.Search for banner at JP-version with waifu (best option is the banner with only one 5*, because chances are splits between rate-up character's). JP banner's can be found here:
2. That banner will appear at US version at nearly same date (+2 years).
3. Save SQ and tickets! The more, the better. Sometimes saving period can goes for 5-6 mouths, but you want to get that waifu, right? :)
But be advised: chances of getting even rate-up servant isn't 100%. I personally spent 900+ SQ on Tamamo at Halloween and get Orion and Jeanne =\. Info in this link can be helpful:


Maybe I have to buy some sq then to fulfill my wishes rolling a waifu or just powerful and useful servants ^^
But I feel sorry for you not getting your waifu and spending so many sq for this :(


Sometimes buying SQ isn't an option. For example in Russia 140 SQ would cost like 1/4 of month salary :(
And thanks for support, but I get her after 5 months of saving in a Valentine's event (alongside with Nero Bride) ^_^ .


1. Speaking from experience, my first ever servant was Heracles and he has carried me since I started playing. While Heracles does have his own tools of surviving, he needs to be supported by taunt servants in order to fully take advantage of his usefulness. These taunt servants could be either Leonidas or Georgios since they are easy to get and you can pull them from the friend points gacha. Ushiwakamaru could be considered one of the best 3 star servants as a rider thanks to her party buff and high single damage NP.

2. The only time when you should roll on a banner is when a servant that you like has a rate up.

There is a way to get a 5 star servant that you REALLY like but you will need to farm and reroll a lot if you were to use this method. The method goes like this.

1. Farm mana prisms.
2. Buy tickets with mana prisms.
3. Roll for the servant that you want.
4. Reroll.
I wouldn't recommend this method but for some people it worked.



So Heracles really is the best starting servant. As supporting servants I prefer using Mash (I don't own Georgios and Leonidas yet) because her buffs are really helpful for berserker like Heracles and as the third team member I choose a high level friend servant since I don't have any strong ones I can use.
For banner rolls I consider waiting for Jalter or Cu Alter while there is a banner for Zhuge Liang and Nero and my luck isn't that great generally speaking of gacha rolls for example.
I already got all the tickets exchanging all my mana prisms from this month but I don't have guts to roll for this ^^

But thanks for your advices :)


Well you can just write out your User Id which can be found under the "Friend Search" bar and once I see it, I will send a friend request.