rakiou or ibaraki?

I can't decide which one to invest in first
they're both self sufficient tier 2 zerks and at first glance the answer might seem obvious(mama rakiou) but the problem is I don't have a single target HIGH buster damage dealer (ibaraki is on np2 btw) but I do have a maxed grailed skilled karna (he both does insane single target crits and aoe buster damage) that does nearly as powerful as aoe buster wave clearing like rakiou.
I just plan to put my 2 grails into ibaraki and max her out as my massive single target npbb chain damage spammer since rakiou will show less improvement with the same amount of investment
what do you guys think?
(I also forgot iskandar is on np2 and after his np interlude with his skills maxed I fear he will outshine mama and karna in aoe damage)
so should I pay ibaraki or mama?

Asked by iskandar is op2 months 2 weeks ago


Supports are what makes this game. Obviously ibaraki will be cheaper to invest in as a 4 star zerk. However raikou has the added benefit of being a buster crit Aoe berserker with a star drop rate on her NP. Raikou normal buster cards plus her mystic slayer and mana burst empowered crits melt mobs and bosses alike. Her NP is not the majority of her damage but her buster brave chain crits doing the work.

Ibaraki has no evade, less damage when properly buffed and only has her NP debuff going for her. Not saying Banana Oni is bad but Mom does too many things better than her. 5 star have their rarity and.cost for a reason.

ibaraki has two survival skills that are better for survival than an evade that is tied to a long cooldown and a buster Buff that will force you to sacrifice damage for survival most of the time and not to mention she doesn't have a crit buff, np gen or the star gen to be a reliable crit damage dealer and in the end will most of the time not be able to make use of her third skill so she won't shine unless a specific situation pops up. she just isn't versatile for many situations and I need immediate staff versatile rather than a rarity niche servant

Why did you ask when you've clearly already made up your mind? That aside putting her with Waver fixes every issue you listed with Raikou just learn to arts chain also she doesn't need her third skill to hit hard at all it hits a lot of things too specifically zombies, ghosts, goblins, lamia, soul eaters, and Demons to name a few all of which are very common.

Ironically though every issue you listed applies to Ibaraki too with or without Waver due to having only 1 arts card instead of 2 and lacking both crit draw and star generation(which Raikou's NP gives her no shortage of)

by two135 2 months 2 weeks ago

raikou's great at both killing bosses as well as farming with her aoe np so I'd recommend her

by Nachy 2 months 2 weeks ago

As someone who prefers the Banana Oni herself and even got her grailed and 10/10/10, I recommend investing in Mama first, due to how much more utility and usefulness you'll see with Raikou sooner. As others said her NP is good for both mobs and bosses, and will get you through both farming and bosses better.

Once you invested in Raikou and get to Ibaraki next, you'll be able to pretty much steamroll almost anything.

Hey man three waves, three aoe nps. Raikou's np also drops c.stars which helps her with her crit zerk style. Raikou will still do more damage than ibaraki since she's a five-star granted you can properly support her with c.stars. She does, however, only have two buster cards compared to Ibaraki's three, so that does lower her consistent dps when compared to most other five-star berserkers. It's your choice but you'll most likely always keep Raikou in your team just because of her utility and flexibility whereas Ibaraki, being a ST np zerk, will mostly benefit you during bosses.

Since you seem so dead set on grailing ibaraki, then why not ... Just do it? Seems to me you want ppl to tell you to grail raikou just to tell them you want to grail ibaraki