Rerolling for banners?

How am I supposed to get 30 SQ to do one multi when rerolling for a banner?
Is it even possible to get this amount of SQ before Okeanos?

Asked by Wizz1 week 1 day ago


Not too sure what you're asking. Gaining quartz takes time when you're not buying them with real money. People save up for months to roll on a banner they like. You don't even need to be doing 30 rolls either, if you really want to roll for a servant on a banner.

If you're F2P just be doing your free quests as they give quartz and then just slowly collect the ones you get from login bonus and weekly master missions.


Creating a new account to get 30 SQ and then roll again on a banner if I don't get the servant I want on my main account, that's what I'm talking about.
I see there's some people that actually do this so they don't need to buy quartz, but my question is about how to get those 30 SQ for multi rolls.


I did it during an event that gave a large lump sum of extra SQ (it was earlier on), which brought me to a bit above 30 SQ. I don't know whether there will be one later.

Now, might need to reroll with smaller amount, or wait for such event..


I never understood the point of doing this... so you're saying you'd just abandon your main account if you happen to get the ONE servant you want on an alt and just... what?... restart on that alt? Seems like a waste of your previous progress unless you're waiting to actually start the game until you can roll on one specific banner. I can only see this working once, and at the very beginning of your FGO experience.


That's what I mean, I did it when I started (I started about a month post NA launch). Not sure about OP, if they are only looking into the game, then it may be worth considering it. Otherwise, it's unlikely to be worth losing all progress.


When you're rerolling, consider finishing the tutorial/clearing Fuyuki and log in for the week.
Don't forget to clear Fuyuki free quest too.
If you want something more instant, just wait for a Specific event that will you give you 6 or more SQ like Apologems or etc.

Rerolling is pretty tricky, to log in everyday or to leave them just to collect SQ on the present box.
Log in everyday with multiple acc takes your patience to a different level.


Lol if it's only to get 30 SQs before Oceanos, that so easily doable.
Even from tutorial chapter + clearing Fuyuki free quest + log in for a week i think you'll get more than 30 SQ and apogems for bonus, that's gonna be 30+++ SQs.

I knew this because i've been playing since the launch of FGO NA and doing some reroll myself.
Also reroll sucks šŸ¤£


Once you create a new account you need to login a total of 7 days in a row. They give quartz for new players on their very first week so that by the end of it they can do a 10-summon. I'll say in advance that trying to exploit this in order to get a certain servant is anything but a good idea. Many servants are story-locked, and limited banners don't last forever. You lose an entire week on this process without being guaranteed to get something good, not to mention the entire process of deleting and reinstalling the game data, and going through the tutorial and Fuyuki multiple times is a huge pain in the ass. There is really no benefit in doing this.

As for getting this amount of quartz before Okeanos (through main/free quests and regular login bonuses), I am not sure. Even if it is possible, it would undoubtely take an awful lot of grinding with terrible servants, plus the tiring and bothersome reinstall and the tutorial, as mentioned above.

Honestly, it is a lot less trouble to simply buy quartz and try your luck on your main account than actually trying to go through this. Because if you don't get your desired servant even after a week of farming and collecting bonuses, what then? You do the whole process again and hopes to be successful this time? Sorry, but it's just not viable.

However, if this is your only shot at getting a servant you really want, but can't get on your main account, then by all means go for it. As I always tell myself, 'As long as the banner is still up, there is still hope'. So if you honestly feel that this servant/CE is worth going through all this trouble, then go for it. Otherwise just for for the easiest option, because if they're worth all this trouble then they're worth some money.


Probably the Start dash campaign. They usually give out quite a bit. Log in every day for the first 7 days and you get SQ per day totaling 28. maybe some bonuses for completing stuff as well.