Reruns work?

I was looking at the possible events for the year and I had a question about reruns. Lets take holloween for example, would the holloween event from last year run at the same time as the one from this year? If it is, thats a whole lot of farming for ftp to handle ToT

Asked by CrossarmX3 months ago


so when we get a rerun (a "lite" if you will) it happens a week or so before the new event. The lite will be a duplicate of the past event, minus the event servant if you already have it, and lacking grail if you already got it/if it was applicable. I think I might be missing something else here. Its another chance to finish out/collect those CEs you didn't get the first time around, but essentially its completely skip-able/adds nothing new for people that ran it last time. The goal is to give new players/people who missed out for whatever reason another chance at it. The new event will follow AFTER the lite version has run its course.

Gotcha. Guess its not too bad then. I joined a little over a month ago so it'll be new to me. How likely would it be for me to clesr out the shop?

its not terribly hard, lites are nice because you get full stratagies to prepare you on the most efficient course, but we naturally get that as an NA player, even on our first time. (thank you JP pioneers.) Anyway, there is several guides and walkthroughs that will maximize your efficiency, and IIRC (which I may not be) it won't be as time locked the second time around, its appropriate for the time allotted. Just make sure you use your FP for some 3* CEs, or grab a few if you do some rolling. The important thing to remember though is this: you just want liz and her additional copies/ascension materials. The other stuff is nice, but you have another event right after it, so if nothing else, just make sure you grab her

It is also a way to get ascension materials/quartz/summon tickets/golden apples/EXP cards/Fous in bulk for old players.