Sabers upon Sabers...

So I rolled in camelot hoping for Artoria Lancer (or alter) or another copy of saberlot and got saber alter and Gwain instead. Not sure if I should bother leveling them up or not. I already have saber lily np5, Mordred np1, and Siggy np1 already leveled for gold AoE sabers. Do either of them offer any particular benefits over my existing sabers?

Asked by Mysty1 week 2 days ago


You have all AoE/farming sabers so far. Lancelot Saber is single target, crit monster. He's worth it. Gawain, not so much.


Those aren't all of my sabers, just my AoE sabers. Have saberlot np2, nero bride, Liz brave, and rama (lvl 1) for st sabers. I'm particularly flush in gold sabers


I find that in general, it's good to have at least one AoE servants and one ST servant for each class, if possible. Saberlot earns a lot of praise for his self sufficientcy since he has crit stars on demand, star gather rate increase, and crit damage increase. He stands out among all Sabers.

Nero Bride is decent support as well as a ST saber. Both of these servants are good choices.


I understand that, but of the AoE sabers, is there any particular reason to invest in salter for Gwain when I already have Mordred, lily and Siggy leveled? Is salter's extra attack up buffs and higher np damage % worth the investment?


i mean, i'd gladly trade you for baber alter, if that were possible, since she's my favorite and i can't ever seem to roll her when she's featured.

but as far as your question goes, i mean with the aoe sabers you got, baber alter is better than siggy and hits harder (i've studied her page endlessly in preparation just in case dreams come true).

also, if you just have to have a lancer altria, try the 17th.


Too late, I blew all my sq already since I wanted a chance for saberlot again and either Artoria Lancer. I guess I just have to wait until Christmas for jalter lancer to get another gold lancer as the only one I can summon is Fionn :*-(


No, don't raise another AOE saber. Mordred, Siegfried and Lily is enough.
For specific fight they're the best at their job ( Siegfried and Mordred for Anti-Artorias, massive damages ), which is a nice bonus.
And still a solid saber on general usage.
Since you have leveled them, just stick to it and if you raise more it will be a waste of material ( unless one of them is your waifu/husbando ).

Even if Salter and Gawain hit hards, Mordred and Siegfried is strong and solid saber already.
So, no need to raise another ( based on material efficiency ).

Why don't raise some tank/supp or your other hole in the class advantage? I'm not seeing any good point in raising anymore AOE saber, even if they're another Gold sabers ( you have a leveled 5 star saber and 2 leveled 4 star sabers, it's more-more than enough ).
Favorite servant is an Exception, it's your choice.
If you don't have leveled William, he is a good supp for your already raised sabers.
Or some tank like leo, george or mashu.

I share my thoughts based by gameplay and experiences while using them and material cost efficiency ( for me, i have familiar situation like you so many sabers ).

Also here's some of my SQ Gacha story.
Playing for more than a year, spooked mostly by saber ( been avoiding saber banner and they still bringing the salt, but it's fine i'm used to it ).
Yeah, my Chaldea crowded with sabers and lots of it both AOE and ST especially the gold ones.
For some list : leveled sabers - Og Nero NP 2, Gawain, Og Artoria, Artoria Lily NP 3, D'eon, Rama, Siegfried NP 2, Elizabeth NP5 and lots of unleveled gold sabers.
Leveled silver : Bedivere, Gilles and Caesar all lvl 70 and considered my oldest saber except Bedivere. Before other sabers come, those silvers has great contribution to my team and defeated tons of challenge bosses alike.

Seeing KOTR banner gaves me some PTSD, that's a big chance for me to get another saber spooks, so i skip rolling in it ( material is really hard to get, gold saber servant = auto put to the second archive ).
My SQ for Caster Gilgamesh soon, the worst case is saber spooks and i'm ready for any kinds of spooks.
Saber in a nutshell, sabers upon sabers.

ST saber or mainly boss killer is different cases.
For the ST, Saberlot is worth raising. He is a monster, can be used as your main or backup ST saber, in cases Nero/Liz dead because of random Crit or etc.
He ignore class systems with his crit, melt Lancer and Berserker like they're nothing.


I have double or more unique gold sabers to any other class of servants now. Keep getting sabers when trying for lancers and casters....