Second SSR

So, I decided to use the quartz from the apology to roll for Umu Bride and got spooked by Francis Drake (RIP Umu Bride, the salt is real). But to make things even better, I already have Francis Drake. Should I burn the second copy for rare prisms or use it to level up her NP?

Asked by kewebbjr2 months ago


Use it to level her NP.

NP2 is one of the best buffs a Servant can get. Aside from directly increasing the power of their Noble Phantasm every single time you use it, NP2 allows a Servant to go over 100% charge. This is important because some enemies can drain your NP, so it's a safeguard that can help ensure your strategy for that map works.


It's very recommended to level a servant's NP to 2 at the least as the servant's gauge will be maxed by 200% until you get it at NP5 (300%). Also, the power boost from NP1 to NP2 is higher than any further upgrades, this would really make Drake more effective in the long run.

NP2 SSRs make the servant whole and maximums their effectiveness.


Never burn 5*s, bro.
Well, Tamamo and Nightingale NP ups only gives more heal, so if you get a third copy, is okay to burn (the heal from NP1 to NP2 is significative, not so much the NP3).


Drake is among the best. At NP2 she will be even more useful. Her NP becomes much stronger, which makes her an even better wave clearer. She's burn-proof.