Servant Planner

Since it 1/2 AP Dailies I wanted to save some EXP cards to lvl from 1 to 80, but the planner said that I need x264(316) which one is it 264 or 316 cards?

Asked by Freydoom2 months 1 week ago


264 cards for the same class meaning for example you need 264 assassin class embers (exp cards) to raise an assassin servant from 1 to 80 or 316 all or other classes embers (exp cards)

"All" embers work the same as an assassin class ember for assassins so you just need 264 assassin class embers or all embers or a combination of both to raise from 1 to 80 any other class ember requires 316

Both are right. You either need 264 4* EXP cards of the class you want to lvl up or 316 4* EXP cards if you use EXP cards of different class than the one you want to lvl up.