Should I level up more Archers?

Right now for Archers I have:

Altria Archer (lvl 92 10/10/10 NP1)
Arjuna (lvl 90 8/6/8 NP1)
Chloe (lvl 80 1/1/1 NP5)
Emiya Archer (lvl 80 5/5/5 NP1)
Arash (lvl 60 1/1/1 NP5).

My question: Should I level up any of the other 1-3 Star Archers, or does this cover the basics of what I'll probably need in the long run? (i.e. Am I missing any niches or ultra useful archers that I really should fill from the 1-3 star Archers?)

Asked by AoideJen1 week ago


Off the top of my head, Robin Hood.

His first skill poisons all enemies for five turns and he has a powerful ST NP that deals extra damage to poisoned enemies. His second skill boosts his NP gain which, along with his BAAQQ set, makes it possible to fire off his NP more than once before the poison wears off. Placing him in an Arts team will make it easier.


Out of the Silver Archers the only two I would recommend are:
- Euryale. is one of the best anti-male servants in the game, not just against male Sabers.
- David. Teamwide one-hit evasion which can help you survive an AoE NP, and charisma, making him a good backline servant to plugsuit in when needed.

Robin Hood is a strong ST Arts nuker but Chloe makes him a bit redundant even if his NP hits harder.
Billy is a ST Crit archer, which can also be covered by Chloe in some degree.
Touta is a survivalist/support that can fit certain niches but overall not outstanding.
Kid Gil is the weakest of the bunch since his NP has low damage and his charm is unreliable.


by Cyxx 1 week ago

Raise David if u don’t have Tristan but maybe consider to max Emiya’s skill first. He is beast now.


Emiya is going to be maxed. I've just been focusing on getting my 5*'s (i.e. Caster Tamamo, which is major since I'm an Arts player) maxed out first.

As for David, he's on my list for leveling now. Thank you!