Spooks of the Summer rolls

So there I was, committing my 90 saint quartz to at least snag Martha... Really got my hopes up when archer card be glowing like a rainbow, then Orion popped up. That's just, yeah. Sure, its good since it's a 5 star but its Orion... Not even waifu material since Artemis is obsessed with a stuffed bear. So anyone else got something like this happen?

Asked by Savris4 months ago


by Neil 4 months 1 week ago

Burnt all of my quartz and tickets on this event with good results (about 400 all added up) getting all the servants except Yuri archers.

My notable spooks were Tamamo Caster and Nightingale. Both times was hoping for Squirtle and was like "Huh?! Is rate up truly a lie?" Ended up getting Squirtle after I spent all the quartz and tickets. First roll after completing the second part of the event and getting those quartz. Best day ever


by Valois 4 months 1 week ago

I got spooked A LOT. I pulled two (TWO!!!) copies of Astolfo; with Medb from the GSSR, I’m really filling out my worst-tier-servant collection. In the course of rolling for Tamamo Lancer, I got Tamamo Cat and nearly lost my mind — but then Best Tama actually showed up at the end of that ten-roll. Lastly, I was rolling for Archer Artoria when Marie was also on rate-up. One of the cards showed itself as a gold Caster, and I figured, “OK, here comes Caster Marie, there are worse things in the world” — and then the image resolved itself into my first Waver! That spook made all of the Astolfo salt worthwhile.


Gratz on the waver. But is it truly a loss if you have not one but TWO servants who will suck you dick and call you gay?


GSSR spooked me, I was super hyped when I saw a gold caster, turned out to be Nito(still working on chains to get her ascended). Then Gold Berserker as the last card, Brain was like "hell yeah Cu Alter here comes my boy!" Reality on the other hand said nah bro have some beast nurse instead, so I got Nightingale.

Then on the first night of part 2 summer gacha I in my first 10 roll saw the rainbow orbs, and again that Nurse was like yo, heard your summon here to help out.

Finally yesterday was payday so I was like YOLO minor whaling after paying my bills like a good boy. So I bout the 160 quartz package, rolled through it, hoping to NP2 Martha or get squirtoria, initially whiffed both, in 4 10 rolls the only SR I got was Marie Caster, I dug into my quartz for memelin, Rolled 3 more 10 rolls, Got Martha NP3 and the last of the rolls scored me 2 Squirtoria.


Best $80 I spent on any gacha. Martha, Lancelot Saber, Tristan, and Tamamo Cat (NP2). I don't understand my luck with non-event servants this summer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I did get enough Knights of Marine to MLB with one more to spare. Kintoki Rider is gonna love that CE. Atalante will appreciate it, too.


by ttar99 4 months 1 week ago

First 10 roll, gold archer... Emiya. Now I know how Rin felt lol.
Couple more rolls and got Tamamo (second copy), herc seems to love me got him 3 times on this banner, I was already on Np 4 at the time so burned 2 for prisims. Did get 2 archurias in the end, 1 on the first banner and 1 on the 2nd with Marie and archuria.


spent the whole event shooting for Squirtoria with no worth while results, finally caved and bought 1 ten roll and got 2 Martha Rulers and imaginary Element. Gonna call that a win.


by Mari 4 months 1 week ago

I rolled a bit for the ces and lowkey was hoping to get Rider Mordred since she is one of my favorite servants, a few singles in I got a gold rider card.... it was Francis Drake. Can’t complain about top tier farmer but damn did I want Daddy Issues a lot more.


by Necron 4 months 1 week ago

Went into the event with 300 or so SQ hoping to get Mordred. She was literally the only one I cared to get in the beginning. It took five 10-rolls to finally get her, but in the meantime I got spooked by Tamamo Lancer, Anne and Mary Archer, and Tamamo Cat. After playing the event for a while, stupid Martha grew on me and I decided to spend the rest of my quartz on the first banner of part 2 trying to get her. No such luck, but got spooked by Marie Caster and Nightingale. So, when I got paid at 6am this morning, I yolo-bought $80 worth of quartz to get Martha on her banner. I ultimately did get a copy of her, but not before Lancelot Saber, Tristan, and a second Tamamo Cat spooked the crap outta me.

I really wanted Kiyohime Lancer, too, so I blew the last of my quartz on 10-rolls on the part 1 banner. No Kiyo, but second copy of Mordred for NP2. It's official. She's declared her status as waifu. Wish I could trade Anne and Mary for Kiyohime, though. Yandere girl is only girl.