Thoughts on Quetz

So Ive been pretty fortunate in the 5* department lately and rolled the last bulk of quartz for Ishtar and didnt get her (got OG Arturia instead so not a waste in my book).

That being said, I dont really have an ST rider except for wellfare Kintoki (who is excellent mind you) and I was thinking at throwing a few quartz towards Quetz. With my current lineup (in profile) and a maxed out bond 10 Drake and Kintoki, is that something I should actually try for or is it really just a waste? Thanks.

Asked by rocksarntpeople1 week 1 day ago


She is great, but since everyone want to roll Merlin then not too much people focus on her.
Roll for Quetz is never a waste, even though people has Ozy. Kintoki is really great, but somehow Buster in gameplay is almost the king of game in the next 1 year.
Depends. Quetz-->Merlin-->Musashi-->Grampa and GSSR/new year banner. There are lots for rolling...


If you like certain servants, it will never count as a waste. Every quest can be cleared with welfare and low rarity servants so getting a good 5* servants will only help you in clearing faster. Kintoki itself is already a top tier servants even among 5* (mostly due to its free np5) so not getting ST SSR rider is still alright

If I were you, I would try my luck on merlin. You have jalter with maxed skills too. If you have played Babylonia, you would know how jalter+merlin feels like.

In the end, it really depends on how you define "worth rolling" servants - whether you like the servants, the skill sets, etc.


She's very good, but Merlin is incredible and since you already have a great ST Rider and a bunch of other servants whose true potential is unlocked with Merlin, he's a much better catch.