Tips for relatively new player for Saber Wars

Hi, I haven't really been playing FGO at all until maybe a few days ago. I started the Saber Wars event at around level 15 I think and I've just practically been grinding on the Planet free quest (lv 70 with Jeanne boss since she doesn't hit hard at all and Berserker NP destorys her). I've hit lv 52 now in experience and I've nearly bought out all the transistor related shop items, I'm at around 250k Event Points. How should I continue on now that I don't exactly level up each time I grind this quest (I was AP sustainable earlier on but now I dont lvl up that fast anymore, I do have a bunch of them golden apples though which I don't want to carelessly waste) and that I dont really need transistors anymore.

I didnt have any friends before I started playing Saber Wars so as of now I've only got a few strong support servants available and Ive been running with a Lv 50 Nero, lv 30 mash, lv 40 backup lily and a couple lv 1 backup sabers for machine part grinding and some of the event unique CE's. I don't really have any other good servants other than a couple 4*s. I want to get as much out of the event as possible since Im a new player and hope you guys could share some tips. Thanks

Asked by sy58414149 months 1 week ago


Find friends with lv90 Okita with limit-broken Purely Bloom, it really helps


Honestly there might not be a ton to do. I first started during Nero's event in summer and ultimately just decided to skip it since i really wasn't ready for the level of grinding required to get anywhere in an event. Focusing on looking through the saber and all sections of friends lists for really good units with event CE would be a good way to get an edge. I would suggest grinding expert rather than planet if you are done with lenses. Planet is the best place for transistors, but for vacuum tubes Expert is going to be the best place to grind at or below planet.
If you can get a team together that can beat Galaxy level its the best place for grinding tubes, but its difficulty is going to be a lot higher.
Lenses are actually best ground in the 25AP intermediate level (Aside from in star cluster, but having an archer as a boss makes that one a bit of a jump in difficulty)


I know it's a bit late to post it now but
I have okita Lvl 90 with pure bloom
782,764,537 thats my Friend ID
If you want to find some friend for grinding
In material for Saber wars...