Upcoming GSSR

I know its still quite a few weeks away, but I wanted to plan ahead and decide on which class to aim for to better balance my current line-up.

Right now, Servants are as follows.

5* - Altria (Saber), Nero Bride, Ozy, Nightingale, Dantes
4* - Lancelot (Saber), Rama, Siegfried, EMIYA, Chloe, Vlad III, Elizabeth (Lancer, Saber and Caster), Mordred (Rider), Kintoki (Rider), Santa Alter (Jeanne and Altria), Anne Bonny/Mary Read (Rider), Marie Antoinette (Rider), Gilgamesh (Caster), Irisviel, Blavatsky, Scathach (Assassin), Ibaraki, Beowulf, Fran, Tamamo-cat, Martha (Ruler), and Mash (Of course).

No need to mention 3* and below I suppose but I do have all of them at NP5 and a lot of them (the more useful ones) and max level and ascension.

So I was wondering which Class and/or Servants you guys would recommend to make it so that I have a good Servant for just about any situation.

I do have some ideas as to which Servants would help, but I wanted to get other opinions before making a final decision.


Asked by JessMartin1 week ago


by Buki 1 week ago

Casters is one of the best banners tbh. Waver and Tamamo are worth getting even if you rolled Merlin, and Sanzang isn't bad too.


Completely agree with Buki, especially because you already have Ozy. Waver and/or Tamamo would be perfect for you, though Gilgamesh (Caster) is an excellent arts support too.