When will anniversary blonde be available again?

I started playing after it became available and just realized how effective it would be with my team comp.

Also want to solo demon king Goetia with muh herc

Asked by Volg4 months ago


Well it defiantly won't come back before goetia just gonna get that out of the way, but for real it won't come back until the rare mana prism shop opens and I tried looking but couldn't find out if it comes out with the first batch of shop items. Yeah it sucks I missed out on the extella mystic code and I don't know when that will be added.


Same. I missed out on the extellia mystic code...too bad they don't hand it to new comers. I gonna have to sacrifice Fionn or Stheno to get the mystic code. I don't have either of these servants yet, so it gonna take a while before I can get it from the rare mana prism shop.