Which Chaldea Boys CE is Best?

For the upcoming Chaldea Boys event, players will be given the option to pick the CE of their choice as a present. This begs the obvious question of which CE players should choose.

My initial inclination is to lean towards Teacher and I because of the 50% starting NP, though I can see Kiss Your Hand as being potentially useful down the road on someone like Kuro, who can buff all her card types for a turn. If I had Scathach, I might also be tempted towards Versus to be able to completely wreck Divine enemies.

So, should I go with my initial instinct and choose Teacher and I, or should I choose a different option? Are any of the non-5-star CEs even worth considering?

Asked by Lord_Sinclair9 months 3 weeks ago


Beasts under the moon light have a well rounded variety of effects, NP gen, star gen and some hp regen. The three stars are meh. Glass Full Sweet Time has some slight buffing for low statted servants. Noisy Obsession is a bit niche with its charm buff


Kiss your hand will get outclassed by Formalcraft/Limited Zero Over/Imaginary around down the line. It improves all three, but the NP is such a huge part of must characters' kits that unless they have absolutely terrible card distribution (like having 2 arts, 2 buster, 1 quick and a quick NP), +25% to their best card will outclass 10% to all three.

Me and Teacher isn't bad, but will also probably get outclassed one day when you do eventually get a Kaleidescope, but in the short term, it's great.

Versus is niche, but it's so good at its niche that as far as I can tell, it'll never get outclassed making it the better long term pick.

Beasts Under the Moonlight seems perfect for Assassin Shiki in theory, but it is a 4*.


Just by the by, there literally is no Servant in the entire game that has 2 of each card, at least not yet. Every single one has a card type they favor over the other two.