Which saber should I save for?

I need a gold saber since my only one is Sumanai. I think we'll be getting Musashi in the new years and Nero Bride sometime before. Which one do you think is better overall?

Asked by UniversalTomato4 days 2 hours ago


Bride is a support saber. All her skills are targetable, and honestly to make her better offensively you need to use her skills on her.
Musashi has a Mana burst, a buster deck meaning weaker NP gain, but with her first skill this could be mitigated, a lot and has an ignore invincible.
So, Musashi is better offensively and Bride is better with Arts teams as a second DPS and second support.

by Neil 4 days 2 hours ago

Musashi but the 10million dl might come before that which comes with a free SR I believe. Could get Dadcelot then. He's a top tier saber on par with SSRs.

For that matter sumanai will be getting damage buffs in the future

We did get Scathach though for the 3Mill dl. JP got her for the 6Mill one so you never know

Wait...what? I thought getting another free SR is in 2019/20. If there another one, I getting Sumani cause the only gold servant I have is Nero(SR). Nero close to max ascension, Fergus and Galius level around 50.


Exactly. I get the feeling that we'll get these free servants at much lower download numbers than 10mill just because I don't see us getting to 10 mill even close to as fast as JP. Nasuverse just isn't that popular here as it is in Japan

Oh, nvm. I thought it was gonna be like last time with them giving out 4 star servant, and I was following J P schedule. I'll grab Suzaku Gozen if we get the 10m download much early.

I have a max ascended Nero and she never disappoints. The only reason I am trying to raise (stupid knight medals) and prioritize Lancelot is because he is a crit np spamming arts monster. Nero's third skill in particular makes her excellent at survival and putting out consistent damage. Her only drawback for me is the fact that imperial privilege is rng.

Eh it depends on what you're main team looks like. Like Ruzeron said, Nero Bride is basically a support servant that can slot in as a DPS. So if you need a good arts team member go for her. Otherwise I'd go for Musashi. She's easily one of the best sabers in the game. Personally I'm gonna try to go for both cause they're both amazing waifu material. Though if push comes to shove I may pass up Musashi for Gramps since I have an abundance of sabers but the only good assassin's I have are Shiki and Scathach.