Craft Essences

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Craft Essences List
ID Craft Essence Type
1 Tenacity Tenacity
2 Meditation
3 Technique
4 Preemption
5 Destruction
6 Flash
7 Opportunity
8 Fruitful
10 Divine Oracle
11 Azoth Blade Azoth Blade
12 False Attendant's Writings False Attendant's Writings
13 The Azure Black Keys The Azure Black Keys
14  The Verdant Black Keys The Verdant Black Keys
15 The Crimson Black Keys The Crimson Black Keys
16 The Crimson Black Keys Rin's Pendant
17 Spell Tome Spell Tome
18 Dragon's Meridian Dragon's Meridian
19 Sorcery Ore Sorcery Ore
20 Dragonkin Dragonkin
21 Iron-Willed Training Iron-Willed Training
22 Primeval Curse Primeval Curse
23 Projection Projection
24 Gandr Gandr
25 Verdant Sound of Destruction Verdant Sound of Destruction
26 Gem Magecraft: Antumbra Gem Magecraft: Antumbra
27  Be Elegant Be Elegant
28  The Imaginary Element The Imaginary Element
29 Divine Banquet Divine Banquet
30  Angel's Song Angel's Song
31 Formal Craft Formal Craft
32 Imaginary Around Imaginary Around
33 Limited/Zero Over Limited/Zero Over
34 Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope
35 Heaven's Feel Heaven's Feel
38  Seal Designation Enforcer Seal Designation Enforcer
39 Holy Shroud of Magdalene Holy Shroud of Magdalene
40  Prisma Cosmos Prisma Cosmos
41 Nightless Rose Nightless Rose
42 Mooncell Automaton Mooncell Automaton
43 Moony Jewel Moony Jewel
44 Bath of the Moon Goddess Moon Goddess' Bath
45 Moonlight Fest
46 Runestones
47 With One Strike With One Strike
48 The Black Grail
49 Jack-o'-lantern Jack-o'-lantern
50 Trick or Treat Trick or Treat
51 Halloween Arrangement Halloween Arrangement
52 Halloween Princess Halloween Princess
53 Little Halloween Devil Little Halloween Devil
54 Maid in Halloween
55 And So The Ship Conquers Anchors Aweigh
56 Code Cast Code Cast
57 Victor from the Moon Victor of the Moon
58 Another Ending Another Ending
59 Fate GUDAGUDA Order Fate GUDAGUDA Order
60 Launch Order! After-Party Order!
61 Gudao Guda-O
62 GUDAGUDA Poster Girl GUDAGUDA Poster Girl
63 Okita Okita
64 Nobu Nobbu
65 Demon Boar Demonic Boar
66 Knight's Pride Knight's Dignity
67 Fragments of 2030 A Fragment of 2030
68 Lightning Reindeer Lightning Reindeer
69 March of the Saints March of the Saint
70 Present for My Master Present for My Master
71 Holy Night Sign Holy Night Sign
72 Clock Tower
73 Necromancy CE Necromancy
74 Awakened Will
75 500 Years of Dedication 500-Year Obsession
76 Peacefulness of 2018 Peacefulness of 2018
77 Heroic New Year Heroic New Year
78 Jungle Law Law of the Jungle
79 Grand New year Grand New Year
80 Mona Lisa Mona Lisa
82 Purely Bloom Purely Bloom
83 Star of Altria Star of Altria
84 Trueshot Trueshot
85 Mikotto Maid Training Mikotto! Bride Training
86 The Crimson Land of Shadows The Crimson Land of Shadows
87 Mysterious Substance α Mysterious Substance α
88 Mysterious Substance Beta Mysterious Substance β
97 Vessel of the Saint Vessel of the Saint
98 Golden Millennium Tree Golden Millennium Tree
360 Fate/Extella
361 Spiritron Portrait: Nero Claudius
362 Spiritron Portrait: Nameless
363 Spiritron Portrait: Tamamo no Mae
364 Spiritron Portrait: Karna
365 Spiritron Portrait: Altera
366 Spiritron Portrait: Gilgamesh
399 First Order
Bond Craft Essences List

Bond Craft Essence are powerful Servant-specific Craft Essence that unlock at bond level 10.