Ancient Soldier
Class Enemy
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Saber
Soldier - Bronze Saber
Ancient Zombie Soldier - Bronze Saber
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Ancient Zombie Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Archer
Soldier - Bronze Archer
Ancient Zombie Soldier - Bronze Archer
Roman Coalition Soldier - Bronze Berserker
Modern Soldier
Class Enemy
Pirate Zombie - Bronze Saber
Pirate Captain - Bronze Saber
Pirate - Bronze Saber
Blackbeard Elite Force
Pirate Zombie - Bronze Archer
Pirate Captain - Bronze Archer
Pirate - Bronze Archer
Pirate Zombie - Bronze Berserker
Pirate Captain - Bronze Berserker
Pirate - Bronze Berserker
Class Enemy
Amazoness - Bronze Saber
Amazoness Leader - Silver Saber
Amazoness Queen - Gold Saber
Amazoness - Bronze Lancer
Amazoness Leader - Silver Lancer
Amazoness Queen - Gold Lancer
Amazoness - Bronze Archer
Amazoness Leader - Silver Archer
Amazoness Queen - Gold Archer
Class Enemy
Big Nobu - Saber
Mini Nobu - Saber
Mini Nobu - Silver Saber
Mini Nobu - Gold Saber
Big Nobu - Lancer
Mini Nobu - Lancer
Gold Mini Nobu - Lancer
Silver Mini Nobu - Lancer
Mini Nobu - Archer
Gold Mini Nobu - Archer
Big Nobu - Archer
Gold Big Nobu - Archer
Mini Nobu - Rider
Gold Mini Nobu - Rider
Big Nobu - Rider
Mini Nobu - Caster
Big Nobu - Caster
Gold Big Nobu - Caster
Gold Mini Nobu - Caster
Mini Nobu - Assassin
Gold Mini Nobu - Assassin
Big Nobu - Assassin
Silver Mini Nobu - Berserker
Big Nobu - Berserker
Silver Big Nobu - Berserker
Gold Big Nobu - Berserker
Gold Mini Nobu - Berserker
Mini Nobu - Berserker
Reindeer Man
Class Enemy
Reindeer Man - Bronze Saber
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Saber
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Saber
Reindeer Man - Bronze Lancer
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Lancer
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Lancer
Reindeer Man - Bronze Caster
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Caster
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Caster
Reindeer Man - Bronze Assassin
Great Reindeer Man - Silver Assassin
Super Reindeer Man - Gold Assassin
Experience Bonus
Class Enemy
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Saber
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Saber
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Saber
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Saber
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Lancer
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Lancer
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Lancer
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Lancer
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Archer
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Archer
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Archer
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Archer
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Rider
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Rider
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Rider
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Rider
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Caster
Christmas Hand
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Caster
Christmas Glove
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Caster
Christmas Fist
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Caster
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Assassin
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Assassin
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Assassin
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Assassin
Arm of Dawn - Bronze Berserker
Hand of Dawn - Bronze Berserker
Iron Arm of Dawn - Silver Berserker
Divine Arm of Dawn - Gold Berserker
Class Enemy
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Saber
Skeleton - Bronze Saber
Pumpkin Leader - Bronze Saber
Dragon Tooth Warrior - Bronze Saber
Skeleton King - Gold Saber
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Lancer
Skeleton - Bronze Lancer
Pumpkin Leader - Bronze Lancer
Skeleton King - Gold Lancer
Pumpkin Head - Bronze Archer
Skeleton - Bronze Archer
Pumpkin Leader - Bronze Archer
Dragon Tooth Warrior - Bronze Archer
Skeleton King - Gold Archer
Dragon Tooth Warrior - Bronze Assassin
Celtic Soldier
Class Enemy
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Saber
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Celtic Soldier - Bronze Archer
Druid - Bronze Caster
Helter Skelter
Class Enemy
Helter Skelter - Bronze Saber
Helter Skelter - Silver Saber
Helter Skelter - Gold Saber
Medieval Soldier
Class Enemy
French Soldier - Bronze Saber
Medieval Zombie Soldier - Bronze Saber
French Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Medieval Zombie Soldier - Bronze Lancer
Class Enemy
Werewolf - Bronze Saber
Hungry Wolf - Bronze Saber
Hungry Wolf - Bronze Lancer
Werewolf - Bronze Lancer
Werewolf - Bronze Assassin
Hungry Wolf - Bronze Assassin
Class Enemy
Random - Saber
Random - Lancer
Random - Archer
Random - Rider
Random - Caster
Random - Assassin
Random - Berserker
Shadow Servants
Class Enemy
Shadow Servant - Saber
Shadow Servant - Lancer
Shadow Servant - Archer
Shadow Servant - Rider
Shadow Servant - Caster
Shadow Servant - Assassin
Shadow Servant - Berserker
Shadow Servant - Ruler
Class Enemy
Goblin - Silver Saber
Goblin - Silver Lancer
Goblin - Silver Assassin
Class Enemy
Werejaguar - Silver Saber
Werejaguar - Silver Lancer
Werejaguar - Silver Assassin
Class Enemy
Servant - Saber
Demon God
Class Enemy
Blast Furnace Naberius
Demon God Andromalius
Intelligence Room Flauos
Health Office Sabnock
Spy Satellite Amon
Observatory Forneus
Demon God Phenex
Control Tower Barbatos
Arsenal Halphas
Demon God Pillar
Demon God Phenex
Demon God Sabnock
Demon God Baal
Demon God Flauros
Demon God Forneus
Demon God Barbatos
Demon God Barbatos
Great God Amon Ra
Class Enemy
Avarice Dragon
Space Dragon
Karma Fire Dragon
Great Dragon
Primeval Dragon
Elder Dragon
Mad Dragon
Class Enemy
Bronze Spriggan
Anor Londo Knights
Class Enemy
Knight Enforcer - Gold Saber
Knight Enforcer - Gold Lancer
Knight Enforcer - Gold Archer
Class Enemy
Proto Homunculus
Class Enemy
Tormenting Beast of Hell
White Chimera
Class Enemy
Centaur Knight - Silver Archer
Centaur - Bronze Rider
Centaur Knight - Silver Rider
Centaur Paladin - Gold Rider
Centaur - Bronze Assassin
Centaur Knight - Silver Assassin
Blade-Wing Insects
Class Enemy
Blade-Wing Insects
Class Enemy
Wyvern Dread
Wyvern Evil
Wyvern Origin
Wyvern Classic
Wyvern Tempest
Class Enemy
Giant Snowman
Stone Golem
Cookie Golem
Iron Golem
Biscuit Golem
Crystal Golem
Twin Steel Golem
Class Enemy
Demon Boar
Class Enemy
Mecha Demon Boar
Demon Boar
Giant Demon Boar
Class Enemy
Star Daemon
Great Daemon
Class Enemy
Fire Book
Thunder Book
Wind Book
Ice Book
Money Bonus
Class Enemy
Door of the Dead
Door of Heroes
Door of Saints
Door of Champions
Class Enemy
Terror Ghost
Ancient Ghost
Giant Ghost
Hassan of Poison Mist
Bell Ringer
Class Enemy
Naga Raja
Class Enemy
Malika Sphinx
Class Enemy
Killing Doll
Old Gear